Meet Mums who use Touchnote!

Meet Mums who use Touchnote!

Thousands of mums use Touchnote to send their photos as real, printed postcards. They make people smile with their personalised thank-yous, and keep loved ones updated about their little ones with something more special than the odd Facebook post!

Even the busiest of mums can send cards everyone will adore in just a couple of taps, all from the comfort of their own home. Meet 5 mums who do just that!

“Friends and family were so generous when my son arrived. I started using Touchnote as a quick and easy way to send a personal thank-you. Everyone has loved receiving them!

As a new mum, the last thing you want to be doing is writing out cards. But using the Touchnote app it couldn’t have been simpler. I was able to send all my cards during one night feed, I even sent cards to the US and Canada with no need to go to the post office.”

The app is really simple to use. The cards are sent quickly and are really good quality.

I’ve just had my first child and a lot of my family live quite far away. Touchnote has allowed me to send them beautiful cards with pictures of my son on, and to keep the grandparents updated on their grandson. They absolutely love the cards.”

“I send cards as a thank you for gifts and also a simple ‘hello’ with an updated picture of my daughter. Picture postcards are a perfect way to share her milestones.

I love that it’s the same price to send a card to Australia as it is to send a card around the corner to Nanna! Family love to receive them and as the quality is so high they often end up in a frame on a mantelpiece!”

“I had a new baby last year, so trying to get cards written was hard, let alone get then posted. Touchnote could do it all. I was actually able to make and send my cards while sat feeding.

Once all your addresses are uploaded, sending the cards is really easy. The multi-send function was great, meaning you can send your card, personalised to as many recipients as you choose, all at the touch of a button. They were delivered very quickly, even the cards that were sent overseas. Soon we had lots of lovely comments from our family and friends. I still see some of our cards on display when visiting friends, either stuck on fridge doors or on the window sill with other pictures.”

“Using Touchnote was easier than going to the shops to buy a card. No worry of going to buy stamps and walk to the post box. And when you have a baby that can be a mission!

Everyone I’ve sent cards to absolutely loved them. They told me they’re a real keepsake, something really personal. My Nan still has hers on her mantelpiece 🙂 ”

Download the free Touchnote app now and start making friends and family smile with your cards.

With over 6 million cards sent worldwide, they’ll be amongst many happy recipients!

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