#Touchnote Card of the Month – Eileen’s Mantelpiece

#Touchnote Card of the Month – Eileen’s Mantelpiece

Our March #Touchnote Card of the Month is actually not one card but several! Take a look at Eileen’s fabulous collection adorning her mantelpiece.



We got in touch with Eileen to find out how she developed such a lovely collection, and who had been sending her all the beautiful cards.

They’re are all from my daughter who moved overseas more than a year ago. She regularly sends me a postcard every time she’s on holiday or away for work. When she was here for Christmas, she noticed that all her postcards, bar one, were taken in front of a mountain! She’s on holiday in Iceland at the moment and I am sure I’ll get a postcard – I wonder if it will feature a mountain of some sort?


I was actually the one who introduced her to Touchnote. Now she uses it on a regular basis. We both love it! I send cards regularly to my family who live overseas. My Mom in particular always enjoys receiving one. It makes it easier for us to know what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Could your card be our next Card of the Month? Upload any photo of your card to Instagram, Twitter, or our Facebook Page with the hashtag #Touchnote and you could win credits!

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