An update for the TouchNote community

Updated 25th March 2020


Our service is operating as normal at the current time.

We’re right here with you.

In these challenging times for us all, we need each other more than ever. So we’re doing everything we can to ensure you and your loved ones stay as well connected as possible, no matter the distance between you.

Our partners, the postal services around the globe, are experts in handling scenarios such as these and have procedures in place to ensure all mail is handled hygienically throughout their handling processes. You can rest assured that you can use our service to safely and creatively stay connected with those who are important to you.




Are you still operating?

Our service is still fully operational. That includes our website and apps, as well as our suppliers, printers and delivery services. We have contingency plans in place to ensure we can continue to offer the service you expect from us around the world.


Can you still deliver globally?

As of now, all local postal services are operating as normal with 1-2 exceptions. Many countries have taken measures to remove the need for signatures, and have implemented some form of contactless delivery procedures. We utilise multiple printing and fulfilment facilities globally, and we are constantly monitoring our operations to ensure we can provide the best service possible and limit any potential disruptions. We will update you on any changes that might affect the service you expect from us.


Will I get a refund on credits bought for a holiday?

We encourage you to reach out to those people who are important in your life, or those who may be isolated in these times. Your credits will remain valid for 12 months, so why not use them to stay connected even if you are no longer going on holiday in the upcoming months. If this does not work for you, then we would be happy to make things right – just get in touch.


How do I know your cards are safe?

We deliver using local postal services in each country. These local services are all professional operations that are equipped to handle circumstances such as those we have been experiencing. They utilise automatic sorting of post by machines, with almost all services now providing hands-free delivery. On top of this, we are taking all the precautions we can, and our partners are working to stringent hygiene standards across the printing and delivery parts of our service. This includes running multiple shifts, having non-essential staff working from home, and conducting regular deep-cleaning of machinery and workspaces.

Region specific updates