Everything you need to know about TouchNote credits 

We've collected your questions about credits and how long they last and put them to the TouchNote team. We know it's more than just problem-solving. It's the info you need to send cards and connect with the ones you love. We'll keep it simple, so you can get back to the stuff that matters. 

Frequently asked questions

When did the credit expiry rules change? 

Back in May 2018 we gave everyone a heads-up that our terms and conditions were changing. Since then, credits run out 12 months after you buy them. If you already had credits in May 2018, we gave you an extra 12 months to use them before the new rules kick in.

Why do credits need to expire? 🔽

We'd love to make credits last forever, but the discount you get for buying a bundle is given under the premise that you use those discounted credits in a reasonable period of time. Sadly, if there was no date limit on credits, we wouldn’t be able to offer you the best value. This is standard practice for store vouchers, loyalty miles or hotel points and we believe it's fair. We do not encourage you to buy credits you do not need or will not use. If you are considering buying a credit pack but are worried that you might not be able to use all of the credits in time, we suggest starting with a smaller pack and re-purchasing as you go.

If I buy more will it extend my credits? 🔽

No. Every credit you buy is valid for a whole year.

Can you extend my credits until x? 🔽

To be fair to everyone we need to stick to the plan. However, there is one option to use your credits at a later date – schedule a card now for when it needs to be sent in the future, for example if you have any birthdays coming up and this way you'll be able to use your credits past the cut-off date.

I am not going on holidays till after my credits run out?

We love sending postcards from our holidays too, but your summer vacation isn’t the only time to stay connected with friends or family. Why not reach out to a loved one today to say thanks or just remind them you’re always there? Everyone loves to get something in the mail. Plus credits aren’t just for postcards! How about sending some greeting cards or a beautiful photo canvas? There must be someone who could do with some love today.

Where can I see my credits and when they run out? 🔽

Super easy! You can see all your credits info on our desktop website here OR open the TouchNote app and tap the Credits tab.

Why can’t I buy books or frames with my credits? 🔽

Gallery Frames and Photo Books were launched after our credit bundles and have a price point that already makes them a great value choice. Being able to use credits to purchase these items would mean we were offering a double discount. Credits can still be spent on postcards, greeting cards and canvases. 

My questions is not on the list. What should I do? 

If you have any other questions, you can always contact our friendly 24/7 customer support team on help@touchnote.com 

How can you use your credits?

Send a postcard

Show someone you care with a special message

Say thank you!

Show how much you appreciate them today with a personalised card

Happy Easter!

Celebrate Easter with a card to make them smile

Send birthday wishes

Wish them a Happy Birthday with a card they can keep for years to come

Thinking of you

Let them know you're there for them, no matter what, with a custom card.

Schedule a card

Got cards to send at a later date? Set them up now and never miss a special occasion again.

Send to yourself

Can't think what to say? Write it another day. We'll send you a blank envelope to make things easier.

Send a custom canvas

Make a memory you can keep forever.