How do I send my gift?

When you select the gift you want to send, we ask you to enter a name and email address. As soon as you have confirmed your purchase, we will send a gift code to the provided email address. This gift code can them be redeemed by the recipient in our app.

How can they redeem their code?

Download the TouchNote app

and create an account

Enter the gift code provided

Enjoy the free cards and membership perks

What will my recipient get?

We'll send them an email as soon as you've confirmed your purchase. This email will include their gift code, as well as instructions on how they can redeem this in the TouchNote app. We'll also include your name in the email, and a personal message if you have added one. That way, they know who to say thank you to!

How long will the code last?

They will have a whole year to enter their gift code into the TouchNote app to start sending those cards! If they’re already a member, they may not be able to redeem their gift until their current membership subscription expires.

Just get in touch with if you have any problems.