We’ve been helping people keep in touch since 2008 – plenty of time to gather up all the things we think you might want to ask.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just drop us an email at help@touchnote.com. We’re on hand 24 hours a day to help 🙂

Our FAQs fall into 4 categories…

Printing and Posting

How long will my postcard take to arrive?

We print and post your cards from the UK, USA, Netherlands and Australia, so delivery times can vary slightly.

Here’s how long your card should roughly take…

  • UK – 1-3 working days
  • USA – 2-5 working days
  • Europe – 3-5 working days
  • Australia – 2-4 working days
  • Rest of the World – 5-10 working days

Of course, these times will all depend on the local postal system and how accurate the address on your card is!

How long will my greeting card take to arrive?

Our greeting cards are printed and posted from the UK, Australia and the US only.

Like our postcards, the delivery times can vary depending on the local postal system and how accurate the address is.

In our experience, the cards should take the following times to arrive…

  • UK – 1 to 3 working days
  • USA – 2-5 working days
  • Europe – 3-5 working days
  • Australia – 2-4 working days
  • Rest of the World – 5-10 working days

Please note that cards with blank envelopes sent to your own address are posted from the UK, so delivery to addresses outside the UK will take longer.

How long will my Canvas take to arrive?

All Canvases are printed and posted from the UK. Here are the delivery times for each country:

  • UK – 3 to 5 working days
  • Europe – 4-6 working days
  • US & Canada – Up to 10 working days
  • Australia – Up to 10 working days
  • Rest of the World – Up to 10 working days

How long will my Framed Photo take to arrive?

All Framed Photos are printed and posted from the UK. Here are the delivery times for each country:

  • UK – 2 to 3 working days
  • Europe – 4 to 6 working days
  • US & Canada – 6 to 8 working days
  • Australia – 6 to 8 working days
  • Rest of the World – 7 to 10 working days

How long will my Print Box take to arrive?

Print Boxes are printed and posted from the UK, so these are the delivery times you can expect…

  • UK – 1 to 3 working days
  • Europe – 3-6 working days
  • US & Canada – Up to 10 working days
  • Australia – Up to 10 working days
  • Rest of the World – Up to 10 working days

How long will my photo book take to arrive?

We print your photo books within 2 working days, in the UK and the US. These are the delivery times you can expect…

  • UK – 4 to 6 working days
  • US – 6 to 8 working days

How are postcards printed?

Postcards are printed on thick, top quality card. They come with a slick, glossy finish on the front so your photos don’t get hurt in the post.

How are greeting cards printed?

Greeting cards are printed on top quality card and each come with their own fancy envelope. You can order a greeting card online at touchnote.com or on apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

How do I see the status of my card?

You can check this in your TouchNote account order history, so you always know where your orders are.

Which days do you post cards on and where do you send them from?

We print and post your cards Monday to Friday (unless there’s a Public Holiday). It all takes place in our printing facilities in the USA, UK, Netherlands or Australia (depending on where the cards are being sent).

Can I track my card?

Unfortunately we don’t track cards after they’ve been posted, but if yours hasn’t arrived, do get in touch to let us know. Give the address a quick check and, if it was correct, pop us an email to help@touchnote.com. We’ll make it right!

Are my cards put in envelopes before they’re sent?

All our greeting cards are sent in their own envelopes (it’s part of the greeting card experience, after all!).

TouchNote postcards are sent in the traditional way: with a photo on the front, a message and address on the back, without an envelope.

Where can I send cards?

You can send TouchNote postcards to any country with a functioning postal system!

What do I do if my card hasn’t arrived in the expected delivery time?

Get in touch and tell us the order number of your missing card, and we’ll look into it.


Making a card

What are credits and where can I get them?

Credits are a handy way to pay for your TouchNote order. You can use them instead of paying with a credit or debit card, for a quicker checkout and a cheaper order.

  • Postcards = 1 credit
  • Greeting cards = 2 credits

You can buy credits through the app or by logging in at touchnote.com.

Only sending one or two cards? You can buy the exact amount for you order when you’re done creating it.

Can my card be anonymous?

It’s up to you! Your name will only be included on your card if you add it. We won’t automatically include your name or address on any part of the card.

If you order with our app, you even have the option to add a map that shows where you’re sending from!

Do my photos have to be a certain size?

Yes they do. Photos should be at least 1000 x 760 pixels to come out looking lovely, but we recommend using much bigger photos if you can.

If your image is too small, it’ll come out looking grainy on the printed card. Standard photos from modern phones and cameras will be fine!

If you click on your photo and select ‘properties’ you can check the resolution. Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you can resize and rotate it. This means you can use both portrait or landscape photos on your cards.

Our maximum resolution is 300dpi, so we recommend the pixel sizes shown in the answer below.

What size are the postcards?

Our postcards are a standard 6 × 4 inch size. Here are the specific details…

14.8 x 11.1 centimetres or 5.83 x 4.4 inches

Pixel size is 1819×1382.

What size are the greeting cards?

Our greeting cards are approximately 7 × 5 inches.

If you want to get precise, they’re 17.6 x 13.6 centimetres or 6.9 x 5.2 inches.

Pixel size is 2127 x 1559.

Can I use TouchNote to send commercial cards from my business?

Absolutely. Hundreds of professionals including school teachers, gallery owners, sales people and hotel managers use TouchNote to surprise their customers with a lovely card in the post.

Can I get text printed in other languages with non-Latin characters?

We support all languages that flow from left to right, and our iPhone app can send cards in all languages.

Unfortunately, our Android, iPad and web apps don’t currently have languages like Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu.

Does TouchNote retain any rights to the photos that I upload?

Nope. Your photos belong to you. We store them in your account so that you (and only you) can reorder them. Your photos are safe with us!

Prices and payment

How much do credits cost?

Credits are a handy way to pay for TouchNote cards and gifts. The cost of a single credit changes depending on how many you’re buying and which country you’re in.

Credits are cheaper when you buy them in a pack. The more you buy, the cheaper the price per credit.

You can buy credits through your app or by signing into touchnote.com. You have a whole year to use credits after purchase after which they will expire.

How much does a postcard or a greeting card cost?

A postcard costs 1 credit and a greeting card costs 2 credits. The prices include postage to anywhere in the world.

It’s cheaper to buy credits in packs rather than individually. Once you’re all topped up, you can use them on any of our apps and on the website.

Can I pay for just one card instead of buying a credit pack?

Of course! Just create your card and pay for the credits you need when you complete your order.

Are my credit card details saved on the site?

Yes, so that you can order quickly without having to re-enter them each time. Don’t worry, we only store the last four digits of your card, expiry date, and cardholder name – just like any other site would – and we encrypt it all to keep it safe. We do use third party payment service providers, so when you pay your details will be ‘tokenised’ before they are processed securely.

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept the following currencies…

  • British Pounds (GBP)
  • Euros (EUR)
  • US Dollars (USD)
  • Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • Canadian Dollars (CAD)

The currency we charge you will depend on your billing address.

If you have credits in your account, you won’t be able to change currency yourself. Get in touch at help@touchnote.com and we’ll do it for you.

Are there discounts for bulk orders?

You can save money on your orders by buying a credit pack. To get one, just sign in at touchnote.com or buy through the app.

Do I have to pay by debit or credit card?

No. You can pay with credits if you don’t want to use a card. You’ve also got the option to pay with PayPal, too.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept Maestro cards. We will shortly be accepting Discover and Diner cards – watch this space!

Touchnote accounts

How do I sign up for a TouchNote account?

Easy! Visit touchnote.com and click ‘sign up’ or download the app on your phone. You’ll be up and running before you know it 🙂

Do I need to have an account to send a card?

Yes. it’s the only way we can make sure you get the absolute best service possible. Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy to do (see the question above for details).

What if I forget my password?

It happens to the best of us! You can request a new password when you sign in, both on the website and the mobile app.

Can I save addresses that I use?

Addresses used on the website and in the app are automatically saved in your TouchNote address book. You’ll be able to add them when you make an order or access them through your account.

Can I view my orders?

Yes! When you’re logged in, you’ll find a list of all of the previous orders you’ve made (and the photos and designs you used). You’ll be able to see:

  • The date the order was made
  • The order number
  • Your recent order history

What if I want to cancel my account? Will all my details be erased forever?

Yes, if you cancel your account, all your details will be deleted. If you’d like to do this, please get in touch with us.