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Team TouchNote

  • Raam

    Raam Thakrar


  • Dan

    Dan Ziv

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Joana

    Joana Barros

    Director of Growth

  • Gopal

    Gopal Yendluri

    Head of Technology

  • Kate

    Kate Friend

    Head of Finance

  • Kostas

    Kostas Askitopoulos

    Product Manager

  • Bella


    Lead Doggo

  • Ana

    Ana Barbi

    Customer Support Manager

  • Luca

    Luca Brandovardi

    Graphic Designer

  • Gaspare

    Gaspare Frazzitta

    Head of Design

  • Jamie

    Jamie Kelly

    Technical Lead

  • Olivia

    Olivia Knight

    Operations & Talent Executive

  • Makis

    Makis Kontis

    Lead Android Developer

  • Kerri

    Kerri Marusiak

    Front End Web Developer

  • Alon

    Alon Lipman

    Android Developer

  • Ku

    Ku Rai

    Product Designer

  • Darya

    Darya Shymanskaya

    iOS Developer

  • Gabriel

    Gabriel Zanfir

    Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Henry

    Henry Cooper

    iOS Developer

  • Mirko

    Mirko Grahnert

    Delivery Manager

  • Candice

    Candice Young


  • Archana

    Archana Sureshbabu

    Senior QA Engineer

  • Hope

    Hope Steadman

    Junior Product Manager

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