Send personalized Easter photo cards

All postcards and greeting cards come with

free shipping

Over 100,000 ★★★★★ reviews

Send personalized Easter photo cards

Over 100,000 ★★★★★ reviews

All postcards and greeting cards come with free shipping

How to create your Easter card

Personalised Postcard

Make it personal

Customize your Easter card, any way you'd like. Add your photos along with our wide range of artwork, stickers, and templates. Don't forget to put a thoughtful message and custom stamp on the card.

Choose its destination

Select who to send the card to and upload their address. Afterwards checkout by purchasing just the card, or signing up for our free 2 week membership trial and get the card for FREE.

Touchnote Cards

Free worldwide delivery

Once you’ve purchased the card, we’ll do the rest. Delivering your Easter card anywhere in the world, for free.

Exclusive artwork to put a hop in your card

Send a thoughtful Easter gift to someone you love. Easily send a unique Easter card and personalise it with a photo on your phone or computer. Combine your pictures with our range of fun illustrations and don't forget to write a heartfelt message!

Religious Easter Card
Funny Easter Card
Easter Flower Card
Easter Bunny Card
Happy Easter cards
Religious Easter Card
Funny Easter Card
Easter Flower Card
Easter Bunny Card

Photo cards from just $1.67 each

Choose a plan for the best savings or buy a pack.

2 cards a month plan

only $4.99 a month

Only $2.50 per postcard

Cards roll over for 3 months

Custom stamps & artwork

6 cards a month plan

only $9.99 a month

Only $1.67 per postcard

Cards roll over for 6 months

Custom stamps & artwork

Pay as you go

$3.19 per postcard

Minimum pack of 5

Limited designs & features


Can I choose a different subscription package?

Once you’ve chosen a TouchNote membership package, it will remain active until the end of your current membership cycle. You can upgrade your package whenever you wish (and get free cards as a reward!)

How do I cancel my membership

You can cancel your membership at any time. Just log in to your TouchNote account on your computer, go to ‘Manage my membership’ in the ‘My membership details’ section and click ‘Cancel my membership’. Once you’ve submitted your cancellation, you’re all done, no need to verify via email. This might take up to 24 hours to process and if you’re still having trouble, just contact us at

Will my free cards be always available at the beginning of the month?

Your monthly free cards are set up to be added to your account on the same day of the month you joined TouchNote membership. If you’re not sure what day that was, you can check it on the My Membership screen in the app. Or, just get in touch and we’ll check it for you!

What does rollover mean?

TouchNote membership gives you free cards to use every month. If you have a Bronze membership, you have one month to send this free card before it runs out. With Silver, Gold and Platinum, if you haven’t sent your free cards in a month, they will carry on (‘roll-over’) to the next month. This will keep happening for up to three months if you’re on Silver, and six months if you’re on Gold or Platinum. If you’re still not quite sure, get in touch and we can work it out together.

If I cancel my membership will it be refunded?

You can cancel the yearly renewal of your TouchNote membership whenever you like, but any membership you have already paid for is non-refundable. If you turn off the automatic renewal, you can still enjoy all your membership perks until your current year runs out. But don’t worry – there won’t be any payments due after that.

What does ‘card’ mean in my plan and what do I get for it?

Our definition of ‘card’ is one postcard. A greeting card is worth two ‘cards’, because the cards are larger and use more material; plus they come delivered in a lovely high-quality envelope.

How do I contact TouchNote if I need more help?

If there’s anything else we can do for you, we’ll be glad to assist. Please message us at