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How to create your Valentine's Day card

Personalised Postcard

Make it memorable

Make your card personal for your loved ones, any way you like. Customize with your photos along with our range of artwork, stickers, and templates! And make sure to add a special message and stamp to the card.

Choose its destination

Select who you want to send the card to and upload the addresses of your loved ones. You can purchase just the card, or sign up for our membership and get the card for free along with a 2 week free trial.

Touchnote Cards

Free worldwide delivery

Once you’re happy with your card and have selected your recipients, we’ll do the rest. Delivering the Valentine's Day card anywhere in the world, for free.

Artwork to show you love them

Make your card personal for the ones you love with our one-of-a-kind art below

Love Valentines Card
I love you card
Great Match Card
Make me happy card
Love Valentines Card
Great Match Card
I love you card
Sweet Friend Card

The science behind relationships

"Social media was meant to be a fun and efficient mass communication tool. The problem is relationships are supposed to be meaningful, not efficient"


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