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5 Ways to Say “Good Luck at Your New Job”

Someone you know has just started a new job, or been given a promotion. Maybe they’re leaving your company for greener pastures, or just getting started in the working world. It’s time to congratulate them! 

It’s an exciting but daunting time, so they’ll need someone to wish them good luck and, if they’re taking on a new role, your reassurance that they’re doing the right thing is sure to go a long way. 

We’ve put this guide together to cover 5 different ways you can wish your friend or family member the very best of luck at their new job. 

Why wish them good luck? 

The classics are classic for a reason. Wishing someone good luck in a new job has always been a lovely thing to do. It can be a nerve-racking time, so a little reassurance can go a long way. 

There are plenty of ways to say good luck, so you’ll definitely be able to come up with something to put their nerves at ease, especially after you’ve read through this guide. 

Sending them a personalized card will make them feel so much more self-assured and confident, so send them an encouraging message, or a postcard they can stick on their desk to remind them that they’ve got this. 

Congratulate them on new beginnings

A new job has the potential to be a brand new start. There’ll be new colleagues, new office friendships, and exciting new responsibilities. Encourage your friend to go all-in, because they have the opportunity to make a great first impression. If you can, remind them of another time they made a great first impression. 

If they’re leaving your company for another, joke about how they can’t rely on you to help them do all their work anymore. If this is their first job, playfully remind them that now the real work begins and that you’ll see them again in 60 years time. 

Just remember to emphasize what a great opportunity a new job can be and that they should capitalize on it as best they can. 

Remind them of the endless possibilities 

Maybe they finally got a new job in their desired field, or simply managed to get one that actually pays them what they’re worth. Whichever it is, your loved one now has endless possibilities ahead of them. 

This could be the first step toward their dream job, or they may have finally landed that role they’ve always wanted. Remind them that they’re on the right path, they can go nowhere but up, and that you’re proud of everything they’ve accomplished. 

Be heartfelt and tell them how happy and proud you are. You always knew they had it in them and now they can go anywhere they want. Just remind them not to forget you along the way! 

Tell them how great they are!

Only an amazing person like your friend could have got this job. They’re the perfect fit, a master at what they do, and anyone who did their job before them was a lowly amateur. Tell them how great they really are – after all, they probably beat out hundreds of applicants before they even got to the interview stage.

Remind them about all the work they put in to get this job, including the countless cover letters, and how you know they can do this. You know they’ll go from success to success because of their determination and ability, so make sure you let them know it. 

Tell them how proud you are of them

It’s time to let your loved one know how proud you are of what they’ve managed to accomplish. In their “Good luck at your new job” card, remind them of how far they’ve come and all the trials and tribulations they overcame to get here. 

In today’s world, getting a new, well-paying job can be life-changing. They might have been through some tough times in recent years, but now everything seems to be on the up and up. 

Make sure you tell them you know that none of their success was simply down to luck, they worked hard to get to where they are, but a bit more of it wouldn’t hurt.

Remind them to take care of themselves

They are who they are, with or without this job and you’ll be there for them regardless. Remind your loved one to never push themselves over the edge – and to always prioritize their mental and physical health over whatever wealth they might be able to gain. 

A personalized postcard can be a great tool to remind your friend to look after themselves. You can write a reassuring and comforting message like “you got this!”, which they can keep on their desk and turn to whenever they need encouragement. 

However you want to say “good luck at your new job”, a personalized card is the perfect way to do it. Pair it with a gift and you’ll really help your friend settle into their new job. Stay upbeat, tell them about the exciting future they’ve got ahead of them, and let them know how proud you are.

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