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A TouchNote Kindmass Tale

The festive season is here, and as we excitedly approach Christmas, we wanted to share our holiday best wishes and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

So, as written by one of our own, Beth, and read by team TouchNote, we are proud to present “A Kindmass Tale.”

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A Kindmass tale

The story of Kindmass, told by us

Tis the season of Kindmass

and all through the days

are chances for joy, 

in wonderful ways.


Invitations for cocoa,

to exclamations of care,

festive throwback photos,

and moments to share.


‘Tis a season of kindness,

A celebration of others

Coworkers, friends

Family and lovers.


So spread love like glitter

watch magic grow,

now is the season 

to let kindness show.”

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TouchNote / December 2021
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