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Summer memories we don’t want to forget

It may be getting colder outside, and it’s no longer shorts and t-shirt weather, but that doesn’t mean we have to let go of summer just yet. The changing of the season is a great excuse to look back over our favorite summer snaps, remember our best summer travel memories and turn them into a something to treasure forever.

Some of team TouchNote have been sharing their summer travel memories of home and holidays abroad, which we’ll be sending to ourselves as postcards to put on the wall or fridge. 

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This is one of our camping trips near East Grinstead – this is us knackered on Saturday afternoon after walking an hour and a half into the local town to forage for supplies at the local Waitrose.


I escaped the city for festival life – hanging out in a field for five days with my friends, drinking warm beer and listening to great music. It was the best!


I had a few paella’s on my holiday in Spain, but this was by far the best paella I had. There is a little town 1 hour from Valencia called El Palmar where paella was invented, and they still use the same traditions – highly recommend if you are visiting Valencia to try it out!


I loved exploring new parts of Ireland that I have never been to before. I’m from North East, and this is Kerry in the South West. I couldn’t recommend it more for great views, great people and great craic.


Summer, beach and friends. There is nothing more refreshing than spending summer with friends. Especially post covid times.

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Strawberry picking and bumblebee whispering with my children this summer. Such special times and memories with the kids.


I met up with an old colleague I hadn’t seen since moving to the midlands from London for a new job; we went to see Mumford and Sons together and somehow got right to the front. There is nothing like being next to one of your best mates, singing poorly and standing so close to Marcus Mumford that you touched him when he jumped into the crowd.


After the much-awaited unlocking of regulations were made effective, I gathered the courage to travel to Lonavala, Mumbai, for 3-4 days!I had to trek for hours through the beautiful mountains to reach these stunning destinations. The splendid things that I experienced on this trip will stay with me forever, and I must say, Lonavala took away my heart this summer.


We went to Legoland in August – and it was amazing! Seeing all the intricate builds of various cities was almost like travelling to them. If you go, I recommend getting the fast passes though to avoid the long queues!


A camera doesn’t really do justice to how weird it is to walk on these volcanic honeycombs. I loved hearing the story of the giant Fionn mac Cumhaill making the causeway and dressing up as a baby to scare off his Scottish enemy, Benandonner. Look, I promise it makes more sense in context.


Finally getting to travel this Summer meant a long awaited trip abroad. Spending hours getting lost in the beautiful alleyways of Puglia, Italy, whilst walking between pizza, pasta and ice cream stops before heading to the crystal clear sea for a swim. Pure relaxation!


After 18 months of English weather, it was a welcome treat to get away to the warmer climates of the Canary Islands. Memories of hiking, soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea are what I will hold onto as we go into these colder months.

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