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A cliché-free Valentine’s day

Another year, another Valentine’s day. Cue the clichés. Box of chocolates, a bouquet of red roses, candle-lit dinner. It’s become such a cliché that not celebrating, in itself, is a cliché. There’s that word again.

But it doesn’t have to be just one night of predictable, dialled up romance. We’re here to flip the broken record, offer some tips to make them swoon and help you sidestep the well-oiled, worn-out, Valentine’s day love machine. First off, skip the chocolates. Get creative. What’s stopping you from cooking ribeye for breakfast, or cherry pancakes for dinner?

If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to ensuring Valentine’s day avoids becoming just another chore…

Get creative

Writing your own card is one way to go that little bit further, why not double down and make your own. You don’t have to be Jackson Pollock to craft a memorable card. The solution’s in the palm of your hand. Your phone’s camera roll. All too often pictures get taken feverishly in the moment, to then sit in your phone gathering dust. This year, blow off the cobwebs, search through your memories and find a picture of each year — or each month — to tell the story of your relationship. Easy and effective.

Keep it real

Last-minute cards with generic poems? Nothing says I [might] love you like a factory-made message ;(

So write your own message, take your time (best handwriting please), and use a nice pen. If you decide to write your own poem, skip the ‘Roses and red, violets are blue.’ You’re better than that. Unless you’ve got an extraordinarily original punchline, of course.

Cast a wider net

The Valentine’s day that’s sold to us is only a small piece of the pie. Enter Galentines. Show some solidarity with your girlfriends, or show some love to your grandparents. They might not receive the flurry of messages of years gone by, so encourage your kids to make them feel young again.

Spontaneity is key

Use your imagination. Knock their socks off with a treasure trail, stop off for some drinks along the way. Take them to something genuinely special, maybe revisit the scene of your first date. Two tickets to a show, or the tucked-away Italian restaurant you shared that tiramisu. Above all, maintain an element of surprise and you’re onto a winner.

But why stop there? The love doesn’t have to end once Valentine’s day is over. These tips will not only ensure you avoid the clichés on the 14th of February but inspire you to share your love whatever the occasion.

TouchNote / February 2020
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