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The ‘thank you’ gifting guide

Hearing “thank you” is one of the nicest things a person can hear. It shows they are appreciated and that what they’ve done has had a real effect. Saying thank you is great too – you get to let someone know how they helped you out, and what that meant to you. But there are so many ways to say thank you, especially when it’s something really important to you. So what can you do? Just send them a gift instead. 

“But all my friends are different, I wouldn’t know what to get them”, we hear you cry. Well, that’s where this guide comes in. We’ve tailored gift types to personality types so you can be sure you’re always getting the best gift for whichever friend deserves it.

The calm and collected

There’s always that one friend that remains completely calm in any situation. The one that seems to constantly have their life together, and always gives the most level-headed advice. That’s because they know exactly what they want, and how to get it. 

The best gift to give to the calm and collected friend will give them an opportunity to relax, and take some time just for them. Candles, bath soaps, and face masks are all at your disposal and will be sure to go down a treat. The Positive Energy Scented Candle, with scents of Pink Grapefruit Vetiver and Mint, will fill your friend’s home with positive vibes and show them just how thankful you are. 

The creative

Your creative friend is usually busy working on the next project, but they always seem to make time for you. They like to keep their mind constantly stimulated, and your gift to them should reflect that. 

Give them a notepad to collect all those little ideas they seem to have in one place, or a journal to help them make sense of their day. Alternatively, you could get them a crafting or embroidery kit if they’re more of a maker than a writer. Anything that will get them thinking will be greatly received. They’ll absolutely love the Sapphire Blue Classic Hard Cover Ruled Notebook, which comes with a matching bookmark ribbon to help them keep their ideas organized. 

The greenfinger

This friends house is always looking green. There are plants galore in their home – whether they’re hanging from the ceiling or taking up the entire corner of a room. 

The perfect gift for the greenfinger friend is one that they’ll be able to look after like the Crocodile Fern, a vibrant and deep green plant that will find its home anywhere in the house. If you want a gift that will give them more of a challenge, and something they can really get stuck into, then the Grow Your Own Micropub Seed Kit is something they’ll love. This gift, delivered in a matchbox, contains hop seeds, juniper seeds, and tomato seeds so your friends will be able to grow their own craft beer, artisan gin, and homemade tomato juice.

The sentimentalist

Your sentimental friend always talks about the fun you had back in the day. They’ll bring up things the two of you did that even you can’t remember. The best way to say thank you to this friend is to give them a personalized gift, like a photo of the two of you from years back. 

Framing the photo yourself is a great way to say thank you. Send them the Picture Perfect Moment: Anjana frame and they’ll appreciate it more than a bouquet of flowers.

The foodie

The foodie friend wants the best food on offer at all times. They’ll drag you to an amazing restaurant on the other side of town just because it serves the best dishes. It’s no surprise that the best way to thank this friend is with food. The good thing is, you’ll have plenty of options. From their favorite hot sauce to gourmet popcorn, as long as it’s tasty, they’ll be happy. 

Gift them a box of Luxurious Liqueurs, Dry Martini Truffles. These are sure to go down a treat with any foodie friend. It uses the very best dark chocolate and is filled with a luxurious infusion of vodka and gin. You really can’t go wrong with chocolate.

The any-reason-for-a-celebration

What do you get that over-21 friend to say thank you? The one who’ll celebrate anything, as long as they’ve got a glass of gin in their hand. You could go the obvious route and just get them a bottle of their favorite spirit, but a thank you gift needs a touch more thought. 

The Wildflower Balloon Gin Glass Set is the perfect alternative, and lets you get in on the action too. It comes in a set of two because nobody wants to drink alone, and your any-reason-for-a-celebration friend will surely want to raise a glass. You could even pair it with a bottle of gin so they can be used right away, as long as you don’t mind taking the next day off work. 

The eco-warrior

Thanking your eco-warrior friend means making sure whatever you get is environmentally friendly and reusable. 

Get your friend a KeepCup, a reusable coffee cup that helps cut down on single use plastics. They’ll really appreciate the extra thought you put into it and if it can help out the environment as well, you’ll be in their good books. 

Send ‘thank you’ cards and gifts with TouchNote

Whatever gift you send, and whichever friend it’s for, you’ll still want to add that personal touch. TouchNote’s personalized cards let you really say just how grateful you are, and as an added bonus, you can send them straight from your phone. Along with the heartfelt gift, you can be sure your friend will appreciate it. 

So choose a gift, send a card, and let your friend know just how much they’ve done for you. 

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