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Dear Mother Nature…

Dear Mother Nature…

Without you, millions of relationships wouldn’t be able to grow. That’s why our commitment is about more than promises. It’s about action. This year, we are stepping up our efforts and putting our money where the earth is. 

From postcards to overseas friends, to personalised cards that stay pride of the mantlepiece for years to come. Surprise smiles to birthday wishes. Nature makes it all possible.

That’s why we’re launching NatureNotes, the green initiative that gives back to the planet. 

We believe that nurturing the planet is just as important as nurturing relationships. That’s why so far we’ve planted 10,000 new trees, and why we’re not stopping there. With the support of global non profit One Tree Planted, we’re planting 1 tree for every 10 members that join us. Alongside this, we are also launching a range of nature themed cards, with 10% of the profits from each of these designs being donated back to the planet. 

Watch: Nature themed cards

Along with our donations, we also work sustainably! We print and ship cards from a range of global regions, which allows us to print and deliver locally to the recipient, and in turn, minimise transport emissions.

But we know that there is always more work to be done, so if you want to find out more about what we’re doing today and what we’re planning for tomorrow, learn more about NatureNotes.

Watch: Nature artwork in the making

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