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Heartfelt Father's Day Card Ideas for Dad

Whether he’s been there for you from the very beginning or he came into your life a bit later, Father figures deserve all the love on Father’s Day. They’re there for you through thick and thin, ready to lend a hand during DIY projects, and are always around to make you laugh when you need it. Forget the bog standard cards and a mug (a man can only drink so much coffee) this year and give him a personalised Father’s Day card with a heartfelt message written inside. 

At TouchNote you can custom make a Father’s Day card – decorate it with photos of you together to remember the good time and write a custom message to let him know just how much he means to you. Better than socks any day of the year.

Happy Father's Day Card Ideas

Traditional Father’s Day cards are always a good choice for letting him know just how much you appreciate him. 

Whether you choose a simple, minimalistic style card that just tells it how it is or just want to show your thanks by raising a glass, a traditional card gets the message across in a well designed, heartfelt way. Feeling cheeky? You could even send him one from the dog.

Funny Father's Day Card Ideas

Father’s Day is designed to help our dads feel good and make them smile while giving thanks for everything they do for us. So what better way to make him smile than with a funny Father’s Day card?  Whether he’s the type to laugh out loud or is a bit more on the quiet side, funny Father’s Day cards are the way to go to add a little humour to his day. 

From cheesy jokes to unironically bad dancing skills, dads can be pretty funny… or at least they think so. Tell him just how much of a fun guy you think he is with a Fun-gi card from TouchNote. Even if his Arnie impression needs a bit of work. 

Poppin’ bottles on Father’s day might look a little different in a few years' time, but for now, he’ll have to make do with preparing  bottles of milk rather than drinking beer. His first Father’s day is one to treasure. But it doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun.

Cute Father's Day Card Ideas

Sometimes, Father’s day cards require something a bit sweeter. For a Father’s day filled with sugar, spice, and all things nice, send a sweet message to your dad with a cute Father’s Day card from TouchNote. 

Say it loud and proud with a card that doesn’t mince its words – World’s Greatest Father is a pretty big accolade, but we’re sure your dad has the qualifications. Make him feel good with this card that makes him feel good whenever he looks over at the mantlepiece. 

The title of ‘dad’ is a big role to fill but someone’s gotta do it. Let him know that no one can fill his shoes with this sweet Father’s Day card. Whether he’s your biological father, a step-dad who’s been around for as long as you can remember, or just a father figure who needs a little recognition, he’ll love knowing that he’s one in a million.

Father's Day Card Ideas to Husband

If your husband is a great dad, and why wouldn’t he be, Father’s Day can be a time to honour him just as much as your own dad. Giving your husband a Father’s Day card can be a great option for when your little ones are still too small to do it themselves, or if it’s his first ever Father’s Day and you want to let him know how much you love and value him. 

Personalise a 1st Father’s day card with photos of him and the new baby together to create a timeless keepsake that will be added to the baby box and kept forever. 

Is your husband the best dad ever? Time to let him know it. Sometimes you just want to feel loved and appreciated by your family and this is one of the best ways to let him know how much of a great job he’s doing.

Father's Day Card Ideas From Kids

Where it’s a funny card related to dad’s spider-catching prowess or just a sweet card you have to write yourself from your 10-month-old (we forgive them for not being able to hold a pen, yet), a special Father’s day card from the kids will be treasured for years to come. 

If your kids are very little, a personalised card from them both (or all) might be best. You can personalise this cute card to your heart’s content and finish it off with their own penmanship after it arrives. 

For slightly older kids, a more mature design might be better. Dad’s do rock, after all. So grab a custom-made card and add in photos of their back garden rock band, garage band, or kitchen pots and pans band, to make him feel like a rockstar

Don’t forget to shop our entire collection for father’s day cards from the kids.

Father’s Day Card Ideas From Son

If superheroes is all your son can talk about or they love watching Marvel movies together on rainy days, a superhero themed Father’s Day card is an ideal card for those who wished they could fly and save the world.

Father’s Day Card Ideas From Daughter

Music loving dads and daughters bond over their favourite tunes so why not pick up a card that keeps the good vibes going. Whether they prefer heavy metal or pop music, this card will suit their bond perfectly. 

How to Make Father's Day Cards with TouchNote

Creating a personalised Father’s Day card is easy in just a few steps using TouchNote’s user-friendly process. 

Simply select the design you like and click “personalise”. It will take you through to the design section of the website where you have complete control over how you want your card to look. Choose the layout, add personal photos, and change the text to whatever you want both inside and out before entering the address and clicking checkout. We even offer custom stamps for an added flair. 

It’s easy, convenient, and saves you the hand ache from having to write it out yourself. But is no less meaningful for the person receiving it. 

Shop our amazing range of personalised Father’s Day cards.

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