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How photographer Jess Lathan shares her summer memories

Summer is always jam-packed and full of memories we’ll want to treasure forever. Especially when filled with vacations, beach trips, fun days in the garden and time spent with friends and family. Photographer Jess Lathan knows this well so turned to TouchNote as a way of cherishing her special snaps past the summer season. Sending pictures from summer as a postcard to loved ones or to herself was her way of being able to hold and share their family adventures.

Create your own daily reminder of a wonderful summer with TouchNote’s personalized postcards.  Send anywhere in the world for free. 

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The perfect summer, spent with family, old friends we hadn’t seen in so long, and new friends we made along the way. We even managed to grab some much needed Vitamin D! We’ve truly topped up our memory bank with some incredible adventures this year and TouchNote have helped us preserve them in the form of picture-perfect postcards.

There’s something really rather magical about printing these special photos. We also shared a few of our favourite moments with our nearest and dearest, just to say hello!

Touchnote have helped us treasure, hold and share our adventures. A daily reminder of a wonderful summer!


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