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After almost 2 years of lockdowns and restrictions, 2022 has been a year filled with hope and anticipation. Families who had been separated gathered for New Year celebrations with excitement for the future. Friends and loved ones were free to meet for dinner or get together for coffee and cake. A longed-for holiday became a reality. Couples have finally been able to get married and have their dream day, move to a new home, make plans, and much much more.

Having the freedom to do all the things we only dreamed about in lockdown and generally starting to live our lives ‘normally’ has been amazing. So why not share all the special times you enjoyed this year and the memories you made by creating a TouchNote postcard, postcard scrapbook, photo print or photo card.

Ways to remember 2022

You may think you’ve already shared your favorite moments all over social media, but there’s something really special about having a physical reminder, such as a poster on the wall, postcards stuck on the fridge or message board at home, or a photo card on the mantle.

But what kind of things should I choose?

There is so much you could share – a graduation, milestone birthday (and the less significant but just as important ones), perhaps a wedding that had been postponed since 2020, family Thanksgiving celebrations, trick or treating and Halloween parties. Or even something simpler like meeting friends for coffee and a good gossip, a girly day at the spa or getting together with family and friends for supper at home.

Take time, look back over your year and scroll through all the photo memories you have on your phone. You’re bound to find fabulous photos that perfectly capture your most memorable moments, ideal to share in a postcard.

Special occasions

Every year of our lives is punctuated by special occasions: weddings, birthdays, christenings, new births, new homes, proms, festivals, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, and many, many more. Special occasions and events are good excuses to celebrate, and where there are celebrations, there are always people snapping away and capturing the events.

Holidays and weekends away

For most people, 2022 has offered the first opportunity to travel properly and feel comfortable about it, whether sticking to a vacation in their own country or venturing abroad. If you enjoyed some great trips this year, why not tell everyone about them and share some images of those breathtaking destinations you visited? The bbqs on the beach, campfires, rollercoasters and the overall good times you had with family and friends.

Big and little achievements

A postcard or photo card could also commemorate an achievement or big change in your life. You may have moved to a new city or state, started a different job, or got a promotion. A bit closer to home, you might have got yourself a new hobby, finished renovating or remodeling your home, or even reached a simple but personally satisfying goal. How about a selfie moment to share your accomplishments with family and friends?

Moments with friends and family

The best and often most memorable times in any year are those that we spend with our loved ones, friends and family. Revisit the memories of big BBQs in the backyard, family dinners, parties, going to sporting events with good friends, celebrating the birth of a brand new baby, getting together for Easter or Father’s Day, attending a graduation party, or even welcoming a new pet to the family.

Holiday fun

Of course, really big events stand out in any year, and most of the time, these provide the best photo opportunities to share in postcards and photo cards.

Was your Valentine’s Day a fabulous one? Maybe you even proposed? That sort of event is just tailor made to share in a postcard. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween are no brainers for photos of every type and especially selfies. Capture the costumes, all the excitement, the fun, the family dinners, parties, gifts and even the disasters!

The BIG day itself

The year is winding down but the opportunities for more fabulous (and often funny) photos to share are still going. Of course – Christmas is a day that has everything. The excitement of gift giving, tables groaning with festive food, popcorn, eggnog, carol singing, red noses, antlers, stockings, cookies and other yummy treats and surprises.

Are your decorations looking particularly spectacular this year? Who’s wearing the best (or grossest) novelty jumper? And which of the little ones looks the cutest in their yuletide outfit? All will be revealed once you get snapping away. And if you’re a bit camera shy, then how about a few photos of your furry friends in their festive hats and coats?

Why remember 2022?

2022 has just flown by. So make sure you don’t forget a thing you did, as well as inspiring your friends and family to keep the good times going by sharing your photo memories with them in postcards and photo cards. They’ll be touched that the times you spent together have meant so much to you.

A perfect way to remember 2022

With TouchNote, it’s easy to turn those special moments in 2022 into unique printed postcards and photo cards. Get started today and share those unforgettable memories with loved ones, family and friends – it’s as easy as pie!
We offer free worldwide delivery and each postcard is highly personalizable, so you can design them using your own photos – straight from your phone.

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