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Top 5 Postcard-worthy photos in the UK

Earlier this week England lifted its lockdown restrictions allowing people to drink and dine outdoors, as well as go on holidays within the country. With this excitement, we thought we’d put together a list of our top #PostcardWorthy locations in the UK.

1) St. Ives, Cornwall

It might look like somewhere off the coast of Italy, but St. Ives is one of England’s best seaside getaways. Known for its cobbled streets, boutique shops, and classic thatched cottages; Cornwall is a true escape from the busyness of everyday life. #PostcardWorthy pictures aren’t difficult to find at this destination but the cards we love most come from the sandy beaches and hiking trails.

2) Oxford

If beaches aren’t quite your thing, Oxford could be your destination. Not as busy as the major cities of the UK but plenty of things to see and do, not to mention its wide array of culinary offerings.  Postcards of the architecture or the River Thames would make anyone envious of your holiday.  

3) Rye

Cobbled paths and timbered houses make up the #PostcardWorthy surroundings of Rye. A once port-town, it is now home to a mish-mash of upmarket and second hand shops, rich with the town’s history.  #PostcardWorthy views can be found at the top of St Mary’s Parish Church, on a good day providing views all the way to France.

4) Whitstable 

Here you can stroll along the pebble beach or sip on a pint whilst soaking in the coastal views as an escape from home. If you’re keen on seafood, check out the many fish markets around and be sure to stop by #PostcardWorthy The Lobster Shack.

5) Dover 

Walk along the white cliffs, or whet your appetite for history by visiting Dover castle and nearby Walmer castle. If you’re there for a weekend it’s worth visiting nearby towns like Margate (expect classic seaside amusement and a beach worthy of sunbathing on, when we actually have some sun).

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