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What to write in a birthday card

Sometimes, the old ‘happy birthday, hope you have a great day’ messages just don’t seem special enough. We’re here to help! Follow these simple tips to write the perfect message in anyone’s birthday card.  Find the perfect birthday card to go with your perfect message.

Birthday messages for anyone:

  1. I hope you take the time to enjoy your day and celebrate in style. You deserve it! 

  2. Another year of exciting adventures lie ahead! 

  3. Wishing you a year of joy, fun and laughter. 

  4. Now’s the time to eat all the cake and pop the champagne bottles, let’s celebrate! 

  5. Today is your day, fill it with your favourite people, good food and your best smile

Birthday messages for a friend:

  1. Happy birthday! I can’t believe how old we’re getting, but I’m glad to be growing old with you. 

  2. To a stellar friend, Thank you for always being there, I’m so grateful for your friendship.

  3. Happy birthday! My gift to you this year is me! Here’s to another year of friendship.

  4. To my favourite person, thank you for being you. I don’t know what I’d do without you! 

  5. Here’s to all the memories we’ve made, and all the ones to come. 

Birthday messages to your Mother:

  1. I’m so glad you’re my Mother, no one else could put up with me! 

  2. Mother, you deserve the best! Today’s your day to get spoilt by us. 

  3. I don’t know what I’d do without you! Thank you for your advice, hugs, and laughter when I need it. 

  4. We’re not supposed to have favourites, but you really are my favourite Mother in the world! 

  5. Happy Birthday to the person who raised me! I hope you enjoy the gift I bought you… with the money I borrowed from you.

Birthday messages to Dad:

  1. Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for teaching me how to…

  2. Dad, you’re officially my favourite, but don’t tell Mum! 

  3. Sit back and relax, today’s your day! We promise not to make any noise (for as long as we can)! 

  4. Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks so much for everything you do and for putting up with us, we love you!

  5. Dad, it’s not about the candles on the cake or the hairs on your head! You’re still our the best.

Birthday messages to an old friend:

Maybe it’s been a while since you last connected, but you still want to say happy birthday and a Facebook message just won’t cut it. You could:

  1. Share a memory that you cherish

  2. Write about what makes them special to you

  3. Tell them what you’re looking forward to sharing with them

  4. Mention that you’re grateful for everything they’ve done for you, or be specific and mention something that you appreciate

  5. What have they achieved in the time that you’ve known them? Let them know you’re proud of them.

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