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10 ideas for unique Christmas cards

Creating Christmas cards with Touchnote is easy, but choosing what actually goes on your cards is a big decision! We’re here to help get you started.

Your cards are a great opportunity to show off your uniqueness and creative flair 🎨  We’ve put together 10 of our favourite ideas for your personalised greetings. Whether you take a new photo especially for the occasion or use an old favourite from your overflowing phone gallery, you’ll warm hearts and take the prime spot on the mantelpiece.

1.Let it glow

It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without all those twinkling lights that make this season bright! ✨ Wrap up in the warm glow of your fairy lights for a beautifully lit snap, or use your Christmas tree as a backdrop and create an artsy looking silhouette.

2. Spell it out

This is a really easy card to create, but it looks super sophisticated! 🖍Just grab a tablet, chalkboard, or some pens and paper, and write out your Christmas greeting.

3. The great outdoors

Whether you’re basking in the sun or building a snowman, mother nature provides some of the best photo ops 🌷🍂☃️☀️ And for those sandy beach pics (Hello, Aussie Touchnoters!), our card designs will give even the most sizzling photos a festive feel.

4. Family collage

It’s not easy getting everyone in the family to sit still and pose nicely at the same time 😉 With our collage feature you just add in a separate photo of everyone in the family. You can even use pics you already have to hand. 🐱👦👧👵

5.Dress up

Novelty jumpers, stripey onesies, red noses and antlers – for some of us there’s no such thing as being too festive! Little ones are especially adorable when they’re all dressed up 😍 Or, if you’re a bit camera shy, why not get a festive furry friend to help? 🐶

6. Time-honoured traditions

We all have a tradition that we follow at Christmas, the cornerstone of our family celebrations. It might be picking out your perfect Christmas tree together, or having your youngest pop the star on top. Share the excitement of the golden moment! 🎄

7. A fresh perspective

Feeling a bit arty? Show off your creative side by experimenting with new angles and reflections. Try taking a pic whilst lying down or shooting your reflection in a glossy tree decoration. 🙃🙂

8.Highlight of the year

Christmas is the perfect time to share your big news from 2016, especially if it’s been a while since you were last in touch! Create a brilliant card by marking your milestones: getting engaged, a new home, or an addition to your family! 👼🏡

9.Bubble beards

This is a Christmas card that’s both fun to receive and to create! 🎅 Stick the kids in the bath, add a ton of bubbles, and get snapping!

10. Mistletoe

All I want for Christmas is you! 💕 Pucker up and send some Christmas love to that special someone, or just show your mushier side to your friends and family!

Try your photos with our new Christmas designs today, now available in the Touchnote apps or at

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