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5 reasons why postcards are AMAZING

You may be thinking that postcards are only good for sending while you’re travelling around or on holiday. But stop right there, you couldn’t be more wrong! Postcards have 100% come into their own in the last couple of years and are the perfect way to keep in touch with family and loved ones, whether you want to share big news, such as a birth or wedding, or literally just want to catch up and let them know you’re thinking of them.

Postcards really are an amazing way to keep in touch with everyone you know – and they’re so versatile that you can send them at any time of the year. Send them for a specific reason or “just because”.

The brief history of postcards

Postcards as we know and love them today started to become popular in the 19th century. Although as early as the 1770s, a French company came up with the idea of a postcard. Sadly, the timing wasn’t right, and they didn’t take off at all.

The earliest known picture postcard was sent in the 1840s and featured a hand-painted design by Theodore Hook, an English writer. They quickly gained popularity all over the world and production grew as people realized they provided a fast and easy method of communication between family and friends. 

This continued for well over 150 years until the late 20th century, when postcard sales dropped a little and seemed to be on the downturn. However, they bounced back and  are now back to their bang-on-trend status – not only as a way to let people know that you are enjoying some exciting travels and experiences but also as a means to share important and not-so-important news or to just keep in touch.

If you’d like to know more about the history of postcards, read our fascinating TouchNote blog which traces their origins and includes some interesting and quirky info, perfect to whip out at a dinner party.

Postcard fun fact

Theodore Hook’s original postcard, complete with a Penny Black stamp, was auctioned off in London in 2002 and sold for a record £31,750.

Why send postcards?

1. Postcards make an impression

Sending a postcard is way more thoughtful than posting a social media message or sending a quick text to friends, family and loved ones. By taking the time to choose or design a postcard and write a thoughtful message on the back, you’ll brighten their day, give them a real lift and make them feel just that little bit special. 

2. They’re good for all occasions

Postcards are ideal for memorializing those big events like the arrival of a new baby, a wedding, engagement, baptism, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas, Halloween celebrations, or the first day of school or college. But some of the best postcards capture those precious little moments at home – the first snowfall, sparkling frosty trees in the park, the yummy cookies you just baked, or the stunning Autumn leaves in your garden last Fall – the choices are endless. 

So remember, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a big day or a regular day; a postcard is a perfect way to send some extra love and energy to friends and family. Send a postcard today just to let them know they’re in your thoughts.

3. You can add your own photos

As well as offering the best postcards featuring unique illustrations, TouchNote’s app gives you the opportunity to add your own photos and send a memory with your heartfelt gesture. Scroll through your phone, and you’ll soon find some great pictures that are perfect for sharing – how about one of the kids on that great day at the beach last summer? Or a postcard capturing the hilarious costumes you all wore on Halloween? Or how about sending a postcard featuring the family building a snowman at Christmastime?

4. They’re easy to send

There’s no need to spend your time waiting in line, buying a stamp, and writing out your card by hand. TouchNote takes the stress out of the sending process while keeping all of the charm and wonder of the old postcard tradition. Log in to the TouchNote app – and whether you use a pre-designed card or decide to create your own – it couldn’t be easier. Follow the simple steps, write your message and you’re ready to send.

5. They last forever

People have been collecting postcards for decades; they are a snapshot in time and give a wonderful insight into what life was like back then. They also generally keep their value, don’t degrade and the longer you keep them, the more valuable they could become. So next time you are at Grandma’s or Grandpa’s, have a rummage through the cards that have been stored for years in the attic – you might uncover some precious heirlooms. 

The best postcards are personal

Postcards are a great way to share the extra special moments in your life or just to remind friends, family and loved ones that they are always in your thoughts. They can capture those big celebrations like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and milestones such as the birth of a new baby, wedding or engagement. Just don’t forget the everyday family moments that deserve to be shared too. Design your own postcard today and why not add a gift from our unique collection?

TouchNote / February 2023
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