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7 reasons to celebrate your female friends

Female friends are one of the greatest gifts a person can have. They give us a lifetime of fun, catching up, and a shoulder to cry on. They are incredible individuals who deserve to be celebrated whenever possible, not just on their birthday.

But, what gifts should you choose? And what counts as a good moment to celebrate with them?

We created a gift guide to help you choose the perfect gift for the right occasion. Find different gifts to match your female friends’ qualities, including bravery, strength, and kindness, as well as non-traditional reasons to celebrate their awesomeness, like running a marathon, taking up a new hobby, or going on an adventure.

If you need even more gift ideas for her, we’ve got another guide to help you out too.

For being brave 

One way to celebrate your brave friend is to give her a gift that honors the strength in what she overcame, or all the progress she has made. 

Some great gift ideas are a book about courage or a special necklace, like our Birth Flower Necklace, to provide a constant and comforting reminder of her bravery. Whenever she wears the necklace or reads the book, she will know she can face any challenge head-on.

Another way to celebrate your brave friend is to do something special together. Go for lunch with our Picnic Date Bento Box or take on a new challenge together to keep her courageous mindset going. Sharing experiences with your friend and celebrating her fearlessness will make her feel incredibly special, loved, and appreciated.

For running a marathon

Running a marathon is an incredibly challenging physical feat, but it is also a very rewarding experience. If your friend is about to run one, give them an extra boost with a Good Luck Pocket Hug & Jelly Belly – the perfect gift to cheer them on before the running begins.

Once the adrenaline has worn off, and she’s changed out of her running gear, celebrating your friend’s accomplishment is the perfect way to show your support. Your gift will let them know that you are cheering them on every step of the way.

To celebrate your female friend running a marathon, try something as simple as a congratulatory note, flowers, or a small token of appreciation.

For taking up a new hobby

Having a female friend who is into something new and exciting can be really inspiring. It’s great to see somebody passionate about something, and it makes you feel like anything is possible.

A gift that celebrates your friend’s new hobby can be fun, exciting, and relevant. Especially, a book on the topic of their latest interest or even a set of tools to help them get started. For example, why not send them our Earring Craft Set to get them started if they’ve recently got into crafts?

Female friendship is often based on support and understanding. When one of your friends takes up a new hobby or interest, it can give your relationship a new depth as you try new things, and create new hobbies together. 

For being kind 

Sharing kind moments with friends is one of the best ways to build strong relationships and memories. So why not do something special for your friend this year and celebrate their kindness together?

A gift that celebrates your friend’s kindness could be anything from a heartfelt card to a Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mug (the joyful eyes and smiling mouths on our mug are the perfect reflection of her kindness).

Pair your gift with the right card by reading through our Cards and Gifts Guide.

For always being there

A gift that celebrates your friend always being there for you is a great way to show appreciation. It can be anything from a heartfelt apology card to a Thank You 3 Piece Candy Bento Box. Whatever the reason, spending time with your friend is invaluable, and gifts like these remind her how much you care.

Gifts that celebrate female friendships can also be fun and playful. Whether it’s something as simple as a funny t-shirt or as unique as an eclectic Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Candle, a gift like this will make your friend feel loved and appreciated.

For a new adventure

Whether she’s swinging between treetops or sightseeing in Paris, it’s important to celebrate your friend as she steps outside of her comfort zone – especially when she takes the giant leap of going abroad. Have our Gold Bamboo 5×7 Picture Frame waiting for them to display their favorite snap when they return!

Once they’re back home, give your friend a Perpetual Planner to capture all the memories of their next adventure. This is a great way to keep track of their progress and reflect on all of the amazing experiences they’ve had.

For being an inspiration

Female friendships are often special because they offer an inside look into your friend’s life, often one that few other people get to see. Sharing stories and communicating openly is important in keeping these friendships strong, so gifts that celebrate this aspect of female relationships can have special meanings. Things like jewelry with personal meanings or homemade gifts that feature recipes or pictures from shared memories can all be appreciated by friends alike.

Gifting is a great way to show your appreciation for your female friend’s contributions to your life. Give your friend the time and space to focus on themselves with our Restore & Renew at Home Spa. They’ve been your inspirational rock, and this gift will let them take care of themselves for a while.

Celebrate your female friends with TouchNote

TouchNote helps you celebrate your friends whenever they deserve it, not just on their birthday. 

There’s no better way to show your friend how much you care than saying something nice in a personalized card or surprising them with an unexpected gift.

TouchNote offers a wide selection of gifts, ranging from flowers and chocolates to jewelry and craft kits. Plus, there’s no need to move a muscle once you’ve found the ideal present – our gifts can often be delivered through your friend’s letterbox. Begin searching for the right gift today.

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