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Different gifts for different Dads

In the modern world, it’s easier than ever for Dads to embrace hobbies and interests that aren’t stereotypically ‘manly’. This means Dads are freer to behave how they like and to enjoy gifts that aren’t just power tools and alcohol.

But there are now so many presents for Dads to choose from, it can be hard to find the one he’ll really love. Some Dads may still appreciate gifts like beers or power tools, while others may prefer something unique, like a homemade cake or a thoughtful card.

But, how do you find a present that genuinely matches your dad’s modern-day interests and personality?

If you’re stuck, we’ve created a list of moments and personality types down below to help you out.

Moments to send gifts to Dad

Choosing a great gift for your Dad can be an interesting task when he doesn’t give you many clues about his interests.

Remember, a personalized card, a thoughtful present straight from the heart, or even just spending time together are all fantastic ways to show how much you care, even if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift. 

Here’s a tip: don’t only focus on birthday gifts, Father’s Day gifts, or Christmas gifts. Little gifts given at random moments throughout the year are a great way to show how much you care about him. 

If you need help writing a card that shows you think about him more often than once or twice a year, we have written a creative card ideas guide to help.

Intro to the modern Dad (he is into wellness, not just drills and whisky)

The world has changed in the past few decades, and the modern Dad is just as likely to be into wellness as he is into drills and whisky.

He is spending time with his family and doing things that make him happy, no matter what those things are. 

One way to show your modern Dad how much you love him is to get him something that fits his unique interests and personality. From hipster Dads to business-focused Dads, whatever you decide to buy, make sure it shows that you appreciate everything he does for you and your family.

Sentimental Dad

For a sentimental Dad, you want to get him a present that openly says “I love you,” or one that celebrates all the amazing things he’s done for you. Here are some ideas:

  • A gift card to his favorite restaurant or store.

  • A personalized mug with a sentimental message.

  • A personalized book about your Dad’s life story.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what’s better than buying a photo frame gift for a sentimental Dad? Our Gold Bamboo 5×7 Picture Frame is a wonderful way to help him showcase all of the memorable photos of his family. Including a photo of you and your Dad in the frame is the best way to show that you value the time he spends with you.

Find even more sentimental gift ideas for Dads with TouchNote, where we have a range of letterbox gifts for him – that can be sent from anywhere in the world.

Hipster Dad 

Every Dad has a hipster side within.

For Dads who embrace their hipster nature and want to show the world, you can’t go wrong with getting them our Hip Flask Essentials. Not only is it a stylish way to display his unique personality, it’s also a simple present that shows you listen to him and his interests.

A hip flask can be used in many different ways. It can be filled with his favorite drink, snuck into special events, or used to decorate his desk or home.

Traditional Dad

Despite modern Dads embracing new interests, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional Dad who can’t wait to get his hands on power tools or a unique drink.

A whiskey tumbler is a great gift idea for more traditional Dads who love the distinctive smell of a strong drink. It’s a great way to show your Dad that you care and also makes a great addition to his home bar. Plus it’s guaranteed to make his friends jealous.

Pair a tumbler with a new variety of alcohol to bring a smile to a Dad who loves to enjoy his whiskey on the weekends. 

Creative Dad 

Dads have tons of interesting, wacky, and weird ideas. Which means they need a place to store them before they disappear.

A notepad or Yearly Planner is a great gift for a creative Dad. It shows that you appreciate his imaginative side and want him to nurture it. It can be filled with anything, from poems to silly drawings, and each time he opens it will be a reminder of the special bond between you and him.

Gourmet Dad

The kitchen is the heart of a home and a place where a family comes together to talk, spend time, and, most importantly: cook.

If your Dad is obsessed with all things food and finding unique meals to serve his family, try getting him the gift of a great gourmet sauce he hasn’t tried before. He will love being able to cook a whole new range of meals with this new addition to his kitchen.

Why not add a personalized card and write in a recipe you want him to try?

Executive Dad

Buying a coffee cup for an entrepreneurial Dad is great because it shows that you love and appreciate him for all the hard work he has put into being successful. 

Giving your Dad a morning or evening coffee kick with our Cosy Nights In mug shows that you are willing to help support him in his endeavors and believe in his business.

New Age Dad

Buying a grooming kit for a new age Dad provides him with the essential self-care products to look after his body and mind.

A grooming kit can include shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, and toothbrush. Or, go more specific with our Handsome Hands Manicure Kit. By getting him a kit specifically tailored to his needs, you make sure he feels listened to, pampered and loved.

Send gifts and cards to your Dad with TouchNote

With TouchNote, it’s straightforward to show your Dad how much you respect and value him with a highly customisable and memorable card delivered promptly throughout the world.

For an extra meaningful gift, pair it with a personalized photo card filled with images of times you’ve spent together to help remind your Dad that you cherish every moment you spend together.

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