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Noteworthy: A series of TouchNote Stories

One of the pleasures of working for a company like TouchNote is the daily reminder of our core purpose: to share something real. We love it when customers reach out and tell us how they’ve used our cards to capture personal moments with their friends and family.

A few weeks ago, Danielle got in touch with us to share the story of how she stayed close to one of her best friends; her Nana on the opposite coast of the USA, using TouchNote. Although Nana was relatively tech-savvy and enjoyed video calls, the postcards Danielle sent her were the things she cherished.

“What TouchNote did was provide her something in the mail, something in writing, something that she could hold.”

Danielle’s Nana treasured the postcards she sent. She kept them in a basket by her favourite chair, so she could re-read them again and feel close whenever she missed her granddaughter. When Danielle’s baby girl, Piper, was born the cards took on another layer of meaning. Each one captured one of Piper’s ‘firsts’, as she grew from a baby into a sunny little girl — what Danielle called, “the evolution of Piper”.

When Danielle’s Nana sadly passed away, she found all her TouchNote cards safely tucked away among her Nana’s things. It moved her that these cards had meant so much to her grandma, so she got in touch with us to share their story. People use TouchNote to fill that space between instant sharing and deep in-person connection. They use it to make the intangible, tangible; to create and send real-world mementos of the experiences otherwise trapped on their phones.

So, in honour of Danielle, her Nana and all the TouchNote users keeping close through our cards, we’ve created a new home for these inspiring tales.

Noteworthy is a new video series we’ve put together to celebrate stories like Danielle’s, so we can remember what’s really important about keeping in touch. Each episode will feature real stories, real people and real messages sent with Touchnote. Revealing the stories behind the moments they’ve shared through our cards and gifts.

“I think what I like most about these pictures is that they’re not staged photos… they’re just everyday pictures.”

Do you have a great TouchNote story like Danielle? Do you use TouchNote cards creatively, uniquely or use them to stay in touch over a long-distance? We want to hear from you!

Get in touch to share your Noteworthy anecdotes and share your story with our community:


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