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Oodles of Doodles now in the app!

We knew that lockdown had awakened the dormant home chefs, fitness fanatics, and budding artists among us — but we didn’t quite know the extent of it, until Oodles of Doodles.

Ever since we launched the competition, the entries haven’t stopped coming in. And we’ve seen it all. From florist dinosaurs to handprint flamingos, with a healthy dose of rainbows in between. Due to the amount of incredible artwork we’ve received, with the help of @relatabledoodles, we’ve added 26 new illustrations you can now get your hands on. And for the winners, your doodles won’t just be stuck on your fridge, they’ll be the backdrop to breakfasts the world over.

Here are some of the stories behind the artwork…

Harrison, aged 4

Harrison loves dinosaurs and since lockdown we’ve focused a lot more on arts and crafts and discovered he loves drawing and is so creative. He drew Rex holding a flower for his gran as he really missed their weekly visit and found being away from her very difficult. It now has pride of place on her fridge and he’s so happy to be one of your finalists! Thank you TouchNote!

Swathi Ashok

“Count Meowt” is a very special piece to me. I had roughly sketched the concept a few years ago at a laundromat, on a small piece of paper, thinking I would develop it further someday. Now with the quarantine and lockdown imposed everywhere, I wanted to capture that mood and feeling of wanting to escape on a warm, sunny afternoon to aimlessly wander around like a cat. I also wanted to experiment with colours and lighting in this piece, so I went back to my sketch from a few years ago and finished it with all this in mind and the cat was inspired by my friend’s cat, Gir.


So I saw this post for the Oodles of Doodles competition by touchnotes and was excited to participate. I drew this piece about how the current situation with the pandemic has made it difficult to be with our loved ones. It is also a reflection on how technology makes it easier to stay in touch for those couples in long distance relationship. I would like to thank TouchNote and relatable doodles for this competition in a time when children, adults and students are stuck at home and it’s online events like these which brings people together.

Sarah Artea

The pattering of rain creates a lullaby; softly cascading down the windows. A good book sending it’s reader to places previously unknown. Sips of hot tea soothe the soul. This is the scene captured in a moment in this art. It is a feeling

Saro Suthan, Sujani Sivasuthan

It is a great opportunity to participate in the competition. We all had fun drawing and colouring our pictures! It was interesting drawing many different pictures and using many different materials. Me and my sisters helped each other to create pictures. We are so excited that We won the competition. Me and my sisters were so overjoyed that we won the competition!!! We were all so confident about how we draw our pictures. We are so so happy that you did this creative, spectacular competition. I love drawing animals and flowers they are very beautiful to draw. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Ben Churton

I created my postcard design because I wanted to raise money for Severn Hospice who cared for my Grandma and I knew that there were a lot of people struggling in lockdown, so I decided to design and sell a few fun postcards so people could send someone else a nice message to cheer them up. I was amazed at the responses to my postcards and I’m so proud at how much money I have raised for this amazing cause

Aisyah Sofuan

The whole world is facing a dark time currently and I think some people might need a ‘rainbow’ touch on their life. Showing them that there is a person do cares about them and supporting them even from afar. When I saw the Oodles of Doodles competition entry, I just feel like it is the best platform to spread love to the entire world. The background expressing the element of mystery which portrays the uncertainty of our life every single day. The doodle art display varies colors and characters symbolize the differences which completing us together as one team. Just like how all the seven colors make a perfect rainbow. As I enjoyed making this doodle art, I do inspire to make people feel happy and accepted by the whole society. Hoping that one day the painting could sending a positive vibe and making other people’s day better than before.

PM Cortez

They’ll always be waiting for you. You may think you’re alone, but a little ball of fluff is looking out the window and excitedly waiting for you to come home. They may just be a part of your world, but you’re their whole universe ❤️


I feel that a lot of us naturally find that we are OVERLY comparing ourselves to those around us. Whether it is to a colleague, coworker, friend, and even family, sometimes this comparative mindset can make us lose sight in our own strengths/unique potential when approached in an unhealthy way. The illustration’s message about focusing on our personal potential is something I hold close to me even to this day (and a good snack always helps the process). It is human nature to have jealousy and to measure the differences between ourselves and our peers, but I hope this illustration will remind kids, teens, and adults to not break themselves down and explore what makes them incredible!

TouchNote / August 2020
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