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Send a Postcard with a Hint of the Golden Age of Travel

Back in the days of glamorous travel, you could document your voyages to exotic locations with beautifully illustrated luggage labels. These miniature works of art were the pinnacle of fashionable jet-setting style and told the story of the suitcases’ travels.

Elegantly stuck onto a lovingly-scuffed suitcase, these labels were a status symbol, as well as a record of where you’d been. They allowed you to show off a little — celebrating your adventures in far-flung places around the globe. Each label was a talking point with your fellow travellers, every picture highlighting a fabulous trip you’d taken.

Originally created by the grand destination hotels of the early 20th century, the labels were also a clever marketing ploy to tempt other distinguished travellers through their doors. A bit like the way brands ask Instagram influencers to post pics of their visits today.

Sadly, these gorgeous luggage labels aren’t handed out by hotels any more and budget holidays have swallowed up the luxurious feel of travel in the 1900s-1960s. But we’re still fascinated by their stories, not to mention their fantastic retro design.

So, now you can re-create the magic of vintage travel labels with our new range of stickers for TouchNote members! We’ve created vintage-style stickers for some of the world’s finest destinations just for you, so you can decorate your holiday snaps the way fancy folks used to in the past.

Add more personality to your postcards in just a few quick taps, when you share your travel memories. Download the app and share something real today!

More sticker destinations coming soon! Which cities would YOU like to see next? Check out our Instagram post to vote for your choice.

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