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6 thoughtful thank you cards

There’s always a reason to say thanks, whether it’s for Christmas gifts, a grand day out, or just some love and support!

We got in touch with a few of our postcard senders to find out why they chose Touchnote to send a thoughtful thank you. Becca’s mum keeps all her cards in a scrap book, and Hamble’s cards are ‘too cute to throw away.’ Take a look how they made their loved ones smile, all with a couple of taps 📱

Catherine’s family selfie

‘We sent this postcard to my husband’s parents in Cornwall. We always send a thank you postcard to my them whenever we stay – we order it on the journey home so they get it the next day!

‘I used Touchnote because it’s easy to do from an iPhone, especially as I have to do everything on the go while pushing a pram with my two young boys (in the photo!). Their grandparents always say they wish they were more tech-savvy so that they could do such a lovely thing!’

Megan’s cosy Christmas

‘This special postcard was sent to my parents to thank them for a wonderful Christmas weekend break at The Vineyard, Newbury. We had a lovely and very relaxing break. The staff were amazing – I’m also sending them a similar thank you card!

‘I’ve often used Touchnote to send personalised thank you notes or postcards from my travels, and they’ve always been very well received. I love this app. Quick, easy, and I can instantly upload and use photos I’ve taken to send cards straight away.’

Emily’s adventure

‘I sent this to my friends and grandparents as a thank you for my leaving gifts when I moved from Scotland to New Zealand – hence the blue skies and sunshine! Touchnote lets me show them pictures of my new home town, Whakatane, and the surrounding area. My grandparents are especially keen to see where I am now living.

‘My uncle in Australia told me about Touchnote, he started using it to send photo postcards whilst he travelled, now it’s becoming a family tradition to send postcards of our travels and family reunions.’

Hamble’s co-ordinated cuties

‘I used Touchnote to send out all my Christmas thank you cards from my two boys, Henry and his little brother Percy. I used a snap taken on Christmas Day as they were both in festive outfits! I love seeing Touchnotes with photos of my boys up in friends and family’s houses, months after I’ve sent them. I suppose they are too cute to throw away!

‘The app is very easy and quick to use, especially as all my addresses are saved, which is incredibly important with 2 boys under 2! I can completely avoid buying stamps, and the inevitable post office queues are too much hassle with young children. Plus I can send internationally to my brother who lives in Turkey – he keeps all the Touchnotes of the boys on his desk in Ankara!’

Becca’s pooch and presents

‘We’ve used Touchnote for a couple of years now. I moved from Lancashire to Sheffield, and I use the cards to keep family up to date with what we are doing over this side of the Pennines. This card in particular was a thank you card from my children (and our dog!) to their grandparents for their Christmas gifts. They’re always delighted to receive the personalised Touchnote cards. My mum keeps a scrapbook of the postcards we send to her and my Dad, and I know other family members store them in photo albums as keepsakes.’

Claire’s festive thanks

‘It was baby’s first Christmas, and we sent this card to her Aunt and Uncle as a thank you for a Christmas present. They were delighted to receive it as they hadn’t seen her for a while, and the outfit was sweet! I used the Touchnote app to send it because it was quick and easy to send a personalised thank you card.’

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