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Celebrate all the dads this Father’s Day

Father’s Day isn’t just a chance to celebrate the man that raised you. It’s a day to give something back to all the Dads in your life. It could be a brother who’s a flourishing new Dad, a good friend who’s juggling a lot right now or saluting grandad’s life lessons that’ll stay with you forever.

While we naturally fuss over Mother’s Day a little more — it’s easier to know what mum wants — we encourage you to skip the socks this time around and show your appreciation with a card. Whether you’ve spent the last couple of months with your dad, brother, or step-dad, or you’re eagerly awaiting the family reunion, let the men in your life know what you think of them! Here are a few ways you can go that bit further this year.


Thank grandpa for his never-ending treasure trove of stories, afternoon advice, everlasting patience, and sneaking you treats when your parents were in the other room. Why not send a card from the grandkids, perhaps from one of their drawings, to let him know how special he is?


Say thanks for his role as the extra mentor in your life and always listening when you needed a fresh set of ears. It’s not an easy role, and one we don’t give enough credit. Let them know they’ve done — and are doing — a wonderful job.

New dad

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed as a new dad. Our parents look like seasoned professionals when we’re growing up, but in reality, they were learning on the job. Sometimes, that’s left out of the conversation. So let your man know how well he’s doing this Father’s Day.

Pet dad

Send a card from the pet themselves, thanking their dad for all the tummy rubs, after-walk treats, trips to the beach, lap to lie on every evening — and for tolerating being woken up at the crack of dawn 😉

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