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Remember your favorite moments – big or small – with photo postcards

Milestones to remember with photo postcards

In western society when we talk about life’s major milestones, the things that spring to mind include leaving home, moving into your first home and getting married. But guess what? Timelines are shifting. According to recent research, young people are experiencing milestones later than they used to – and often in a different order from the ‘traditional’ way (whatever that is). Millennials in the US and UK are likely to hit marriage and baby milestones seven years later than their parents did.

It’s down to technology, education, and changes in the economy apparently.

Here at TouchNote, we couldn’t give a hoot what order things are done in, or how ‘late’. It’s kinda arbitrary, isn’t it? What really matters is that any milestone – big or small – is marked and remembered. And one of the easiest ways to do so, is to create custom Photo Postcards.

Major Life Milestones Photo Postcards

In today’s non-stop pinging fast-moving world, a reliable way to ensure an important milestone is marked is to create something tangible such as a photo postcard. Trust us, it works for every major life event: a baby shower, a bachelorette party, a housewarming, even a divorce party!


When it comes to modern-day nuptials, many couples choose to share a link with their guests to a digital folder of images of the Big Day. Which is fine. But sending your wedding guests custom photo postcards shows way more attention to detail – and an element of flair. Above all, it provides wedding guests with a unique reminder of the day. Something they can put on the mantelpiece, tuck into the frame of a mirror or keep hidden in their diary (secret crush, anyone?). And while we’re on the subject of weddings, don’t forget the anniversary!

New Home

Moving house is a massive deal for anyone (stressful too, we know). All the more reason to crow about it when you finally get those new keys in your hands. A ‘New Home’ photo postcard is not only a quick and efficient way of sharing your new address with friends and family, it gives them a sneak peek of your fabulous new crib. 

Everyday Moments Photo Postcards

It isn’t just life’s major milestones that are worthy of a postcard, it’s the small moments too. The quiet moments. The moments in between the milestones. After all, reaching out to someone for no reason at all speaks volumes. 

Saying Hello / Thinking of You

Giving a shout-out or saying ‘hola’ to friends and family around the world is always a good idea – occasion or no occasion. Give them the lowdown on what you’ve been up to and find out if they’ve got any news of their own to share. Who knows, you might have missed a major milestone.

Get Well Soon

A kind gesture never goes unrewarded, especially if someone in your life is sick. A ‘get well soon card’ is a lovely way to show you care but uploading a special picture to a photo postcard app is certain to bring a smile to their face. Of course, you could always push the boat out and send them some flowers or a heartfelt gift along with it.

Vacation Photo Postcards

Sending a postcard from foreign shores is a time-honored way of saying ‘I’m thinking of you’. How often have you arrived somewhere beautiful and found yourself thinking ‘I wish so-and-so were here’? Instead of sending a WhatsApp message, why not send them a postcard? With digital technology, it’s just as easy.

Dinners Out

Picture the scene. The restaurant is candle lit. The wine is flowing. There’s a Spanish guitar player in the corner strumming your favourite tune. Everyone is smiling. It’s the perfect holiday moment. And just like the delicious food, it’s something that deserves to be shared. So why not snap it and send it as a vacation postcard?

Days Out

A crazy face pulled on a rollercoaster, a classic pose in front of a hotdog stand, or a long-awaited trip to a Broadway show… Whatever the special day out, it would be even better if you shared it with friends and family by way of a personalized postcard, or of course, as a ‘thank you’ card afterwards. It’s the personal touch that counts.

Send Photo Cards with TouchNote

With TouchNote, it’s easy to turn your special moments into unique printed postcards. 

We offer free worldwide delivery and each postcard is highly personalizable so you can design them using your own digital photos straight from your phone. 

Create and share your important life moments – be it a dinner party, a new home or a vacation trip, by clicking here.

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