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Meaningful gifts moms love and why

Long gone are the days when a macaroni necklace and a quickly scribbled card were enough to show the moms in our lives how much they mean to us. 

Moms deserve the best. Whether it’s your own mom who raised you and guided you through those teenage dramas, a mother figure, or a new mom who’s just had a baby. That’s where a meaningful present, together with a personalized card comes in to help show moms that we remember, love, and appreciate them.

Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are some of the most popular and meaningful gifts for moms. Have a read of the meanings of these gifts below to find which one shows your love best!

Flower Gifts for Mom

If all those home-related tasks moms do each day were a professional job, they’d be making over $100,000 a year. Where do they find the energy?

Moms deserve to know we appreciate the countless tasks they do each day. To match those numerous tasks, there are an infinite number of sizes, colors, and varieties of flowers. 

There is a perfect flower out there for every mom. So, if you already have an idea of the best bouquet for your mum, you can have them sent straight to them (UK only).

Sometimes, you may want to go that extra mile and choose flowers with a specific significance. Here’s a list of some of the most popular flowers and why moms love them:

  • Daffodils – these represent hope and positivity, making them joyful flowers that are perfect as housewarming gifts or as gifts for new moms.

  • Violets – these express the loyalty and trust we all feel for our moms. If you need a thank you gift, these sweet delights are the ideal choice.

  • Carnations – these are a Mother’s Day classic. Colored carnations were traditionally used to express life, motherly love, and remembrance. Given their history, carnations make great gifts for grandmas, too.

Chocolate Gifts for Mom

It’s no exaggeration to say that moms are like goddesses. They have an infinite amount of love, energy, and time to give to everyone around them – it’s clear that moms put other people first.

Giving your mom chocolate gifts does more than satisfy their sweet tooth. For thousands of years, chocolate was given to express appreciation as it was rare and of high value. Queens used to provide their husbands with chocolate as a gift, so why not return the delicious favor for the everyday queen in your life?

Chocolate’s indulgent taste and scent make it super special, and a meaningful gift for moms. Its luxury taste encourages moms to think of themselves for once, to put their feet up and binge on Netflix. Chocolate gives moms the feeling of time, space, and comfort that they provide to us each and every day.

Jewelry Gifts for Mom

But, the most important part of jewelry is the thought behind it (and maybe whether they wear gold or silver!). As long as you’ve thought long and hard about what your mom would like, you’re bound to make her feel loved. 

If you want to go down the traditional route, especially for a mother’s day gift, necklaces and rings with a splash of her favorite color are gifts she’ll treasure for years to come. A mother has always been there for you when you have needed her the most. A necklace or ring will be an eternal reminder that you’ll always be there for her too.

If a more modern touch is what you’re looking for, bracelets, watches are your best choice. 

Remember: The greatest jewelry presents for mom are individualized and genuinely demonstrate your love and appreciation. Personalization may take the shape of engraving, unique designs, or the addition of charms to a bracelet.

Send Cards for Mom with TouchNote

Although Mother’s Day occurs just once a year, the moms in our life give their best for us all year round. Any day of the year, a nice word, phone call, surprise gift, or sincere message in a personalized Mother’s Day card will make the mom in your life feel cherished.

From flowers to chocolate to jewelry, there’s a wide variety of gifts for you to choose from at TouchNote. If you need a little extra guidance, we’ve put together a guide to make that gift extra special. 

Once you’ve found the perfect gift, sit tight as there’s no need to move a muscle. 

Start your search for the perfect gift today.

TouchNote / May 2022
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