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How to make a one-of-a-kind new baby card

Bringing new life into a home or family, whether through childbirth or adoption, is a beautiful thing. You might be related to, or friends with, the lucky parents. You will want to pass on your congratulations, but you’re unsure how to make it sound heartfelt and show how much you care. 

We’ve compiled this guide just for you. Whether you’re the grandparent, the aunty, or just a good friend, we’ll walk you through exactly what your card should say and how you should congratulate them. 

If they had a baby boy or girl

Whether they’re a boy or a girl, it’s time to celebrate this new bundle of joy being brought into the world. Send a personalized card congratulating the parents and their new child, and for getting through the last nine months unscathed. 

Make sure to address the card to both parents, and wish them and the new baby well. Alternatively, you could address the card directly to the new baby themself. Reading it when they are older will bring them joy, and they’ll realize exactly how much they mean to you. This could also be a nice thing for the parents to do. They can talk to their child about every hope they have, and keep the card safe until they’re old enough to read it.  

If it’s not their first rodeo 

Of course, this might not be their first rodeo. It could be their second or third child, so you might be wondering how much your card should change to reflect that. 

Don’t worry, the basic premise remains the same. Congratulate the parents, say hello to the new baby, and let them know you’re happy for them. But what can change is that you’ll be able to incorporate their other children into the card. Remind the parents of a funny story that happened when their other child was born, and let them know there will be many more stories in years to come. 

If it means you’re now a grandparent 

If one of the lucky parents is your child, then great, that means you’re now a grandparent. In your card, you should let them know just how happy you are for them, and how happy this makes you. Tell them how you can’t wait to watch them go through everything you went through raising them. Remind them that they can ask for your advice or help whenever they need it. 

But it’s not all about the new parents, it’s also about your new grandchild. A wonderful gift is the “Grandma Loves You” book. Let your grandchild know how much you love them, and that you’ll always be there for them. 

If it means you’re now an aunty / uncle 

So your sibling’s just had a child, which means you get to be the cool aunty or uncle. Let your brother or sister know how happy you are for them, and how many things their child is going to get away with when it comes to staying with you. 

They will probably appreciate some humor, so let them know you’ll always be there to crack some terrible jokes that’ll make absolutely no one but your new niece or nephew laugh. Remind them that you’ll be around for them and available to lend a hand. 

If they’re adopted 

Adopting a child is a wonderful, selfless, thing to do, and shouldn’t be treated any differently than a regular birth by those on the outside. The joy is still the same and the new parents will be feeling the same, if not more, emotions. They will be happy to know that you are welcoming their new child into your family, and that you are just as excited as you would have been had it been more traditional circumstances. 

If they underwent fertility treatments 

The route to having a child is varied, and every single route is just as valid as the other. If your friend or family member used a sperm donor, or a surrogate mother, you should highlight how proud you are of them for taking this step. Remind them that they were born to be a parent, and regardless of the restrictions, or how they got there, they’ve made that a reality. 

In your card, let them know how happy you are to help welcome their new child into the world. Remind them that you are there for them and ready to support them when and if they need you. 

If they’re your partner

Now it’s time for the parents themselves. Whether your partner is the one giving birth, or the one supporting you along the way, you’ve both been through a lot together in the last nine months. Show them how much this new child means to you, and explain how you couldn’t wait to be a parent. 

Either way, you’ll want to send them a personalized card letting them know every single emotion you’re feeling right now and how much you cherish being by their side during this milestone event. Match this card with the “Forever Memories” book, which will allow you to preserve every new memory in photo form.

Send new baby cards with TouchNote

personalized new baby card by TouchNote lets you include personal images and messages, so you can tailor them to the recipient. Whether it’s to let them know how proud you are, or how you can’t wait to meet the newest member of the family, you’ll be able to get your message across beautifully.

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