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How to celebrate World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is just around the corner. Although you may have heard about it, you may be scratching your head wondering what it really is and how you can get involved. No worries, we’re here to help and point you in the right direction.

When is it?

World Wildlife Day is celebrated every year on the 3rd of March. It has been held on this day every year since is was founded in 2013. 

What is it?

World Wildlife Day is an international celebration day set up by the United Nations (UN) to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wildlife, both animals and plants. In 2022, the theme is “Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration”, which focuses on the conservation of endangered fauna and flora which are essential to supporting our ecosystems. 

How can I celebrate?

The official UN website offers a number of ways to get involved and celebrate in the 3rd of March. Including posting about it on social media, running your own events and encouraging discussions in work and in school. 

At TouchNote we wanted to encourage you to celebrate our natural world by sending a card using a design highlighting the incredible animals and beauty on our planet. Through our Nature Notes initiative in collaboration with One Tree Planted we try do our part too, and have planted over 10,000 trees and counting. 

Browse our range of World Wildlife Day inspired cards and spread a message in support of this fantastic day.

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