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How to make the most of moving house

Between getting boxes, packing, and relocating kids, pets, and belongings, moving house is always a busy time. Despite the chaos, it’s also a special and nostalgic time: one to cherish as one chapter closes and another begins.

With a new home comes new opportunities, new beginnings, new memories, and a new you! If you’re moving far afield or somewhere more local, this can be a very exciting time for the whole family.

This time may evoke memories that you made together in your old house. At the same time, you’ll be making new memories during and after this move. Whether you want to cherish the past, capture the present, or look forward to the future, this can be an emotional time. 

So with all the questions and things to do when moving house, here’s one simple answer: TouchNote.

We offer cards, gifts, and so much more that will help you share and treasure this special time. Create tangible, lasting keepsakes that are as personal to you and your family as this journey and new home will be. Share this time with loved ones and include them in the joy as well.

Save your memories to look back on or share them with family and friends to announce your move like photographer Jess Lethan and her family did. Whatever you decide to do with these precious memories, TouchNote offers an array of designs, stickers, and customizability options to create beautiful keepsakes, moving house cards or moving announcements.

Wherever this move brings you, enjoy your new house!

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