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Telling Sarah’s Tale – The making of our new TV commercial

To tell the story of how TouchNote brings the things you love closer to the ones you love, we embarked on a big adventure.

From finding the perfect people and places, to storyboarding and shooting – take a look at how our brand new TV commercial took shape.

Bringing the story to life

Once our scripts were finalised we headed to the drawing board. Here we put together the shots that will correspond with each part of the story for our director Kyle (working with Radley Studios) to bring to life.

Picking the right people

We met with lots of actors to find the best match for Grandpa and Sarah. To read lines with ‘the Sarahs’ our US Marketing whiz Greg stepped in to pretend to be Grandpa – he even googled jokes about maps to make them laugh!

Greg did get his 5 seconds of fame eventually – see if you can spot his cameo in the final cut 😉

Scouting for locations

To set the scene for Sarah growing up alongside her well-travelled Grandpa, we needed the perfect home for him. We uncovered one just outside Los Angeles, filled with trinkets, exotic knick-knacks, and an amazing map that covered an entire wall.

The hunt for Sarah’s vacation destination didn’t go quite as smoothly. The flights into Hawaii were delayed, meaning the team had less time to view all the locations they’d shortlisted. The tropical rainstorms didn’t help a whole lot either!

On set

After sourcing the best locations, we needed to make sure they were captured in the highest quality. So, we used special cameras designed to highlight all of the tiny details, no matter the weather. The outcome looks a little grey and funny, but these images are then color graded to bring out the best in the shots.

Not all the shots were simple to capture! To get the super shot of the ocean lapping at Sarah’s toes, our actress had to wear a funny looking contraption to video her feet.

To show Sarah using the app, we got a little creative. We overlayed the app on the screen, which highlights perfectly how easy TouchNote is to use on the go.

And just to make the most of all our time on location, we also had an awesome photographer come down to take lots of pictures (coming soon to our Instagram – keep an eye out!)

It all comes together

So now you know all the little bits that went into telling Sarah’s story! Take another look at the ad now – and don’t forget to comment on our Facebook post to let us know you’ve seen it for a chance to win some credits!

TouchNote / June 2018
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