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The Kindness Heroes of 2021 🏆

This year we launched The Kindness Hero Awards, and we’ve been humbled and touched by the response of the TouchNote community. So, after weeks of nominations, deliberations and tough decisions, we’re proud to announce our wonderful winners.

UK Kindness Heroes

Kevin Webster, charity campaigner and author

After a terminal diagnosis of prostate cancer, Kevin ran with it, literally. So far he’s raised over half a million pounds through ultra-marathons, charity events and an incredible book.

Kim Phillpotts, founder of WMYDMYB and NHS nurse

Between raising a family, supporting a son with additional needs and working within the NHS, Kim began ‘What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful’. WMYDMYB is a support group for families and children with special needs.

Frederick Afrifa, inspirational speaker, athlete and entrepreneu

“Keep Moving Forward”, this is the motto of Frederick, an athlete and speaker who has motivated 100,0000 children to achieve their dreams through exercise.

Debbie Brown, founder of Amy’s Space

Debbie is the founder of Amy’s Space, an organisation for the homeless, hungry and lost across East London. They provide 60+ bags of food along with 20+ bags of toiletries and household goods each week.

US Kindness Heroes

Stanley Allen, charity supporter

Though wheelchair confined with cerebral palsy, Stanley has committed his life to helping others. He spends his days sorting food for families in need, volunteering at his senior centre and raising money for Pathfinders of Muskegon. 

Rhiannon McFarling, founder of Birthday Fundraiser inc

Started to inspire the youth of today to leave a positive impact on the world, Rhiannon works with Alexandria to support a new charity for her birthday every year.

Bobby deLanceotti, founder of Estero Bay Kindness Coalition

Since 2017 Bobby has been helping vulnerable school children, initially with Holiday gifts and now in feeding hundreds of children every weekend across his school district.

From all of us at team TouchNote, thank you for your kindness in 2021, we can’t wait to see your nominations in 2022!

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