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The Touchnote Awards – Winners!

Thousands of you entered our inaugural Touchnote Awards. So many of your stories made us laugh, warmed our hearts, or brought a tear to our eye. It was incredibly touching to see all the ways in which you, our wonderful card senders, have used Touchnote to connect with your loved ones, and brighten the days of family and friends the world over.

Without further ado, we’re proud to announce the winners of the 5 award categories: The Super Selfie Award, Holiday Snap Award, Little Ones Award, Card Collector Award, and Furry Friend Award. Drumroll please!

Super Selfie Award – Abigail

Abigail promised her niece she’d send her a selfie with a kangaroo when she went on holiday to Australia. Mission accomplished when she found one at the beach!

Card Collector Award – Jen

During her husband’s deployment to the Middle East, Jen and her kids sent him one card for each day he was gone. When he returned home he carried all 196 postcards, ordered by date. They looked at each one, reflecting on the highs and lows of the 7 months he was gone, and how much their young children had changed in that time.

Holiday Snap Award – Lisa

Lisa has spent the past 2.5 years on a motorcycle journey from one end of the earth to the other. She sent this card from Peru to her family in the UK – they thought she’d give up after 3 months. “This is a holiday and a half, and I am loving every empowered minute of it.”

Furry Friend Award – Ellie and Inca

Ellie’s dog Inca regularly sends cards to her niece and nephew, often dressed in costume. Every time they get a card they ring Ellie to tell her how excited they are to see Inca.

Little Ones Award – Kara

Kara snapped her 6 month old son on a beach in Cyprus. She sent it to his nanny and grandad on a postcard so that they could be part of his first holiday!

Thanks to everyone who entered for sharing your cards and stories with us 🙂

Have you got a postcard story to share? Get in touch with Conni at and let us know!

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