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How to: Get your card re-sent

We send 1,000s of postcards around the globe every day, each one made of thick, sturdy card and laminated on both sides to make it super robust for its journey.

We’re confident that you and your recipients will love your cards, so each one is covered by our Happiness Guarantee. That means that, if you’re ever less than 100% happy for any reason, or on the very rare chance that the local postal system lets you down, you can get your card resent for free. We’re always here to make sure things are put right.

So, if the need ever arises, you can easily order yourself a fresh new copy of your card through our iPhone or iPad app. Here’s how (and it works for both postcards and greeting cards!).

1. Open your order history and tap on the card you’d like re-sent

2. Tap on ‘Problem with card’ button

3. Pick your reason

4. Confirm you’d like the card re-sent for free

5. That’s it! We’ll take care of the rest


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TouchNote / August 2017
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