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We’re all familiar with the term social distancing by now. Borders are closing, streets are emptying, and with that, we’re coming to terms with our daily routines being flipped on their head. The living room has become the classroom. We’re to stand two metres apart. You can leave the house, but only for essentials. But the more we hear the words social distancing, the more it doesn’t sit quite right. This isn’t social distancing, it’s physical. In fact, it’s forcing us to become more social, just in more creative ways.

While you’re more used to sending shared experiences from days out with the family, perhaps from an afternoon in the spring sunshine, now’s the time to share the ones from your living room. Or the kitchen. Or your new home gym (your bedroom). Conveniently, all you need is your phone to do it.

So we’ve put together some tips on writing a great card, flexing your creative muscles, and staying close with those who matter most while we all distance ourselves. For the recipient to find it laying face down on their doormat, it’s a little way of letting them know you’ve made time for them. Even better for you, it breaks up the monotony of fridge to sofa, sofa to fridge.

Strange observations

With so much time spent indoors, it’s natural to start questioning a few things. Such as; why are there five settings on the toaster? Is the Google Maps car still on the roads? Maybe even some scientific breakthroughs in the shower — are thermometers just speedometers for atoms. Whatever pops into your head — there’s going to be a lot — you won’t want to forget it. Send your daily musings as a card, and a memory of a time we’ll be dining on for generations.

Get creative

What better time to kick start a creative hobby than self-isolation. Write that screenplay you’ve always talked about. Get the watercolours out and paint the scene through the window. Put some marmite on your peanut butter. Boundaries are there to be broken, now’s the time to do it.

Keep the kids busy

It’s looking to be the longest summer holiday on record. The kids can’t believe it. The parents really can’t believe it. Following on from the previous point, get the kids to write their own cards. Teach them some recipes. Upload their drawings to the app, and send them to the grandparents. They’re the ones who will appreciate these little gestures of love at the moment.

How you’re feeling

With so much uncertainty, daily government briefings and holidays dropping like flies, it’s natural that in the weeks ahead we’ll experience some emotional turbulence. Up to this point, we’ve been so used to doing whatever we like, it’s surprisingly stressful being forced to stay put. A card is a personal space where you can write whatever you like, and there’s a meditative quality to writing a message you know will find its way into someone’s hands. While everything else seems to be off-limits at the moment, a heartfelt message most certainly isn’t.

Home improvement

Make the most of any outdoor space you have access to and scratch the itch you’ve been meaning to get around to for the last few years. Equally, address that unloved corner of the house and put up those shelves still gathering dust in an Ikea bag. Document your progress with each milestone and show off your Grand Designs as they unfold!

TouchNote / March 2020
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