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How to be kind from the Kindness Diaries’ Leon Legothetis

At TouchNote we’re always looking for new ways to be kind and show our care and love for friends, family and strangers. Whether that be sending a personalized card made with love or surprising a friend with the gift of beautiful flowers or sweet treats, TouchNote is a way to create those special moments of kindness that nurture connection, care and love.

To celebrate World Kindness Day we sat down with the kindness expert, star of Netflix’s “The Kindness Diaries”, and friend of TouchNote, Leon Legothetis. As a global kindness adventurer, TV host, motivational speaker and best-selling author, he has based his life on promoting and sharing kindness near and far. We believe there is truly no one better to teach us how to be kind and to inspire our next act of kindness.

Leon’s Guide To Kindness

Make today kinder by sending a personalized card, choose from over 3000 designs and enjoy worldwide delivery. For that extra moment of kindness, why not add a hand-picked gift or an incredible arrangement of flowers. 

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