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A random act of kindness may only be a small gesture for the person doing it, but for the person at the receiving end it can be the thing that makes their day. Whether it’s a coffee bought for us, a compliment from a stranger or perhaps a postcard in the mail, acts like this create unforgettable feel good moments.

At TouchNote we believe in the power of kindness chains – that each kind action inspires another. These small acts of kindness that we undertake encourage others to do the same. And slowly but surely the world becomes a kinder place. 

We asked some TouchNoters to share a random act of kindness they experienced, and their responses are sure to bring a smile to your face. 

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I went to a yoga class in a park with a couple of friends, and at the end a fellow class goer paid for all 3 of our classes as a random act of kindness. She said she loved hearing us laughing together and it reminded her of how she is with her friends. We still talk about how touched we were by that to this day.


When we first moved into our new house, the garden was extremely dirty. The grass and weeds were quite overgrown and there was heavy-duty clutter in the garden. Our new neighbours spent three days with us helping us clear the garden. I really appreciate their kindness, it made a world of difference to us.

Send a hello, thinking of you or miss you card,  just because and create a moment of kindness today.


I once received a book in the post from a friend I hadn’t seen in ages with a note saying that she had found it in a charity shop and had thought of me. It made my week! It was so nice to know that she was thinking of me and while I read the book (which I loved) I thought of her. Now when I find books that I think other friends would like I always buy them and send them on.


A week before I went to study abroad for a year I was messaging my best friend who lives in France. I was saying how sad that I wasn’t going to see him for so long and he stopped replying. I was very confused but the next morning a car pulled into the drive and there he was, I didn’t have a clue!

Send a hello, thinking of you or miss you card, just because and create a moment of kindness today.


One day I was going to my aunt’s house for a family lunch. I got an Uber to take me there, and the ride was going to take around 40 minutes. I was already starving when I opened the app to get a car. When the car arrived, I met the most lovely driver, and we chatted about all things during the trip. At one point, I mentioned that I was going out for a lunch and I that was really hungry. She kindly offered me her pack of chips that she was going to eat later. She really insisted that I took it, and I accepted because she had been so nice to me. I left the car better than I entered because of her act of kindness. In return, I left her a tip on the app for the great service. That’s the nice thing about it, once someone does something nice for you, you feel that it’s your turn to do something nice too.

Alice Jean

A random act of kindness I once experienced was that I was carrying some heavy bags, and I saw my bus coming. Usually if you’re far from the bus stop, the bus driver keeps going, and I looked at the bus at the traffic lights, and how far I was from the bus stop, and I figured I was never going to make it. However, the lovely driver that day had noticed me looking at the bus, so he waited while I took my time walking (not realising he was waiting!) just so I could get on the bus! The weather wasn’t the best that day, so I was very grateful for him doing that.


During a recent bout of sickness, I opened my door to a bag of groceries that my partner had sent over on Deliveroo. From Diet Coke to Oreos, he’d send all of my favourite things (and vitamins too!). To someone else it may have been groceries, but to me it was like getting a hug in a bag.

Do your own random act of kindness today and send a TouchNote card or gift to make someone’s day.

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