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Mother-Daughter Story: Long-distance relationship with TouchNote

TouchNote’s very own Tianna and her mom share a candid account of how they have navigated being in a long-distance relationship for the last few years.

For Tianna and her mom, communication is everything. In their candid chat they talk about how they keep their relationship growing and developing while apart, as well as the difficulty of not seeing each other in person for the past 12-months due to COVID-19. When you can’t be physically together, doing activities, and spending quality time, all you have is communication.

That’s why Tianna and her mom have been using TouchNote to stay close and express their love for years.

Watch the full clip here.

TouchNote makes staying close easy, no matter the distance. Send real photo cards and greeting cards – in just a few taps with the TouchNote app. Nurture your most important relationships with meaningful communication. 

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TouchNote / June 2021
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