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10 messages to make Mum smile

Mothers come in all forms, biological, non-biological. Mothers-in-law, stepmothers, single mothers, families blessed with 2 mothers. Aunts who take on the mantle of mothers or close family friends, the same goes for grandmothers.

At TouchNote we believe that all mums should be celebrated and not just on Mother’s Day or their birthday with a personalised card. The TouchNote Editor has picked 10 messages to make Mum smile. 

10 messages to make Mum smile.

1. A short and sweet classic that she never gets tired of hearing.

I love you more than anything ❤️

2. Try expressing your gratitude for all the things she does for you and everything she’s taught you.

“Thank you for being you”

3. Do you keep daydreaming about the holidays you’ve had together? Surprise her with a memory from your favourite trip.

Remember the time when we forgot the sunscreen? 😳

4. Remember that amazing slice of cake you had in a cute café somewhere? Make a date to go back for seconds.

Fancy round 2 of cake and tea?

5. Whether you’re 10 minutes apart or 10,000 miles, let your Mum know she’s on your mind because you are always on hers.

I really really really wish you were here!📍

6. As you start to explore things again for the first time, share your adventures with Mum and keep her in the loop.

My first post lockdown BBQ!

7. An inside joke or a funny picture of the two of you…give Mum a giggle today.

Thought you’d enjoy this! 😂

8. It’s natural to miss your Mum, so try keeping it plain, simple and sentimental. 

I miss you more than anything

9. From lockdown hobbies to new passions, show Mum what is keeping you busy and watch her beam with pride.

It might not be pretty, but it was delicious 🍰

10. Last but not least, invite Mum over for a weekend to reconnect. After all, invitations aren’t just for weddings and baby showers. 

You are formally invited to a crafts, cake and wine weekend 💃🏻

TouchNote’s personalised photo cards are a great way to make Mum smile! Create your photo card in just a few taps by uploading your favourite photos or use our exclusive artwork for that extra special touch. We’ll then send it to her, wherever she is in the world, for free! 

Get the App today and make Mum smile!

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TouchNote / June 2021
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