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The Perfect Gifts for Retirees

They were there when you first started and you might even be pretty sure they were one of the company’s very first employees. But now they’re retiring, which means you need to get them a gift that will help send them on their way and mark what an incredible career they’ve had. 

With so many choices, we’ve broken it down into different gifting categories to help you figure out that elusive perfect retirement gift. 

The importance of sending a retirement present

A retirement gift is not only a celebration of what a person did for their company, but also a celebration of the start of a new chapter of their life. It’s an important milestone and one that deserves recognition. 

They put so much work in over the years and may have even acted as a mentor to you, so show them what a valued member of the team they were with a gift. It will make them feel incredibly appreciated and validate all the years and effort they put into their job.

Get them something that marks the beginning of their freedom, but also comforts them as they leave one of the longest phases of their life. 

Something to toast to their long, successful career

The very first thing on the list is a gift to toast their career. Get them a bottle of their favorite wine, or go all out with an expensive bottle of champagne. Don’t worry about any other people getting them the same gift – they’ll have plenty of time to drink it all.

Alternatively, get them something alcohol-related, like a hip flask. There are two types of people that own hip flasks – old people, and young people trying to sneak alcohol into festivals. We’re sure the retiree is a bit too old for those kinds of shenanigans, so they’ll absolutely love our Hip Flask Essentials bundle. 

Something to perk them up

Leaving a job after so many years can be a bit daunting. It’s essentially uncharted territory for most people. We’ve gone from school, straight into the working world, so the idea of having nothing to do all day can cause some apprehension. 

Help them on their way to retirement with a reassuring personalized card and a gift to perk them up a bit. A bouquet of flowers, or some of their favorite chocolates, will go down brilliantly and help them transition into retired life. They will want all the comforts they can get now that they need to think of something else to preoccupy their time. 

Something to indulge in

Now that they’ve got so much free time, your retiring colleague can really do anything they want. This includes indulging in simple everyday luxuries, like waking up on their own time, or finally relaxing that strict diet they had because they were sitting at a desk all day.

Why not buy them a Godiva Gift Box for a taste of luxury? Each chocolate is crafted by master chocolatiers to look like a tiny piece of art. Your retiree friend deserves to start this new chapter with a bit of splendor, so make sure you go all out and get them something to pamper themselves with. 

Something to help with the memories

They’ve been working at the company for such a long time, which means they’ll have so many memories. Help them reminisce about the highlights of their professional career with a picture frame, or even a photo book that they can fill themselves.

They should be proud of everything they accomplished, so a frame works as a nice reminder. If you can track down a photo of them when they first started at the company, you could sign it, along with all your colleagues, as a cute memento for them. 

Something to help them relax

Working for upwards of 50 years is bound to tire anyone out. Retirement is the perfect time for someone to relax and put their feet up after all those years. Although, having worked for such a long time, they might be reluctant to sit down and rest for longer than a few minutes, so encourage them to relax with a gift. 

A fragrant scented candle or a self-care kit make wonderful gifts to give to someone who needs help to loosen up. The Restore & Renew at Home Spa kit is the perfect addition to a self care routine they’ll be able to make use of at their own pace. 

Whichever gift you think will work best, you’ll find them all at TouchNote. Pair a gift with a personalized card, or postcard so that your retired friend will always remember the fun memories you shared together, and the difference they made to the company.

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