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45 new baby wishes: what to write in a New Baby Card

You’ve waited nine long months to say “Welcome to the World Little One!” So whether this bundle of joy is their first, or baby number ten, a new baby card is a must send.

However, finding the perfect message to match the miracle of birth can leave you puffing and panting! Ok, we exaggerate, but there is a lot to consider. How should you address the card? Can you write a funny message? What should you write on a card for a colleague? We’re here to help you out, so don’t panic. Our guide covers all these questions and more, so you can write the most heartfelt new baby card.

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How to address it

Similar to our baby shower card guide, this will probably depend on your relationship to the couple.  

Address it to both parents if that is the family set-up. If it’s a single-parent family, then address it just to the one parent. Also, feel free to include the baby on the address line, although give it a few years before they’ll actually be able to read your well-wishes!

  • “Dear Mom, Dad and Baby XX.”

  • “To the XX family.”

  • “Welcome Baby XX.”

  • “Dear the newest arrival.”

Funny Messages

Although the new mother and father may be sleep-deprived and on a constant diaper changing rota, they’ll definitely appreciate the attempt at humor. Even if they don’t have the energy to actually laugh out loud.  

  • “Goodbye tummy – hello mummy.”

  • “Welcome to the Parenthood club. Eat, sleep, poo, repeat.”

  • “Congratulations on your bundle of joy. Your baby is definitely cuter than all other babies.”

  • “9 months later and you have a beautiful new baby. And here’s to 18 more years of worry and tearing your hair out. Enjoy every second.”

  • “Now that you are parents, it’s important to make wise decisions for your child. For example, you’ll need to find someone suitable to raise them!”

For First Baby

For first time parents, the newborn stage is an especially treasured and eye-opening stage of parenthood. Reflect the uniqueness of the moment with a heartfelt message of congratulations.

  • “Congratulations on your beautiful bundle of joy. They are so gorgeous and I know you will make the most wonderful parents.”

  • “Welcoming your new baby with wishes of health, happiness and plenty of sleep.”

  • “Best wishes to your new family. The love and pride you will feel as a parent is like no other. Embrace the journey!”

  • “At last your beautiful baby is here. Best wishes to you all.”

For Second Baby

Although not their first baby, the new arrival is no less special for the parents. This is also a great opportunity to include a message to the older sibling, who is no longer the only baby in the house!

  • “Another beautiful blessing for your family. May your growing family be blessed with the great memories and great fun.”

  • “Welcome to the big sister / brother club.”

  • “Once again you have a gorgeous new baby. Congratulations on expanding your family, and welcoming even more love into your life.”

  • “Although your sibling may be annoying right now, they will also one day be your best friend and accomplice. Enjoy showing them the ropes.”

For Twins

What could be better than one baby? Having two. Send double the love and double the good luck wishes. 

  • “Double congratulations on the arrival of your twins.”

  • “You have been twice blessed with double the fun, love, laughter, and dirty diapers! Enjoy every second.”

  • “Look at the bright side. At least you only have to throw one birthday party!”

  • “Congratulations on the birth of your twins. Get ready for lots of noise, laughter, hugs and a tonne of fun.”

For Adoption

For some parents, the journey to parenthood may not be so straightforward. You can acknowledge this in the card, but welcoming a new baby is pretty universal and all other messages should also work here.

  • “This precious baby is a gift to you, and you are a blessing to them. Congratulations on your incredible family.”

  • “All your dreams of parenthood have finally come true. Sending love to you both and your new arrival.”

  • “Adoption is an act of true love and selflessness. You’re a special couple and your family deserves a lifetime of happiness.”

  • “The warmth and love of a family is an incredible thing, and to share that with your new family member is an amazing act. Best wishes and huge congratulations.”

For Your Friends

You may have previously stayed up through the night partying or studying, but now your friend will be up all night with their baby. Mark this incredible next step in their journey and in your friendship with one of the following messages. 

  • “Baby booties, baby toys, baby cuddles, baby joys. Warmest wishes to you and your baby.”

  • “Remember how we used to stay up until all hours partying. Well, that was good practice for having a newborn.”

  • “Big welcome to the new arrival. Can’t wait for our children to become best friends, just as I’ve been lucky to have you as my best friend.”

  • “Overjoyed for you guys! One tiny baby surrounded by so much care and happiness. You are both great friends and will no doubt make great parents.”

For Your Family

A new baby means another guest at family parties, and promotes you to the title of aunt, uncle, grandma or grandpa. Use one of the following to welcome the newest member of your family. 

  • “Welcome to the family. They say it takes a village to raise a child. And I can’t wait to become a resident of that village.”

  • “We are lucky to be your grandparents and can’t wait to spoil you every chance we can!”

  • “Just remember I will always be fun uncle XX. Come to me whenever you want to complain about mom / dad.”

  • “Delighted to have another member of the family. Hopefully, you inherit my good looks, sense of humor and brilliant personality.”

For Your Colleague

A short and simple message may be the best option for a new baby card for a co-worker. These messages are also great, whether it is a baby boy or baby girl. 

  • “Congratulations on the arrival of baby XX. Wishing you all the best with your new arrival.”

  • “Wishing your family a lifetime of happiness and love. May your greatest times be spent together.”

  • “Sending wishes of health and happiness to your new arrival. Congratulations on your new arrival.”

  • “This is a beautiful time in your life you will never want to forget. I hope you have a happy and healthy journey ahead with your family.”

Words of Wisdom

For the new parents in this transition period, some good advice could be exactly what they want to hear. Let them know what you wish you had known when taking on the role of mom or dad.

  • “Even the best parents don’t know what they’re doing. We’re all just winging it, so you’ll be absolutely fine.”

  • “Make sure to go easy on yourself. Your house may be a mess, and you may be tired, but nothing is as important as having a happy, healthy baby. And we can help with the rest!”

  • “Enjoy looking after your baby, and make sure to still look after yourself.”

  • “Make sure to treasure every second with your baby. It may be exhausting, but it is a time you will never want to forget.”

And why not read the advice the dad’s of TouchNote would pass on for even more inspiration. 


Using a line from your favourite poem, movie, book or song can provide a unique message.

  • “Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart” – A.A. Milne

  • ““Like stars are to the sky, so are the children to our world. They deserve to shine!” – Chinonye J. Chidolue

  • “A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities” – Eda J LeShan

  • “A happy baby has shining eyes. It walks open-hearted into the world and spreads magic.” – Sigrid Leo

If you can’t find the perfect poem, why not try writing your own. Read our six top tips on how to write your own poem for an even more personalized message. 


Don’t leave your kind words just for the big moments. At TouchNote we love spreading everyday kindness, so follow  our guide on how to use TouchNote throughout a child’s life to mark all those little and significant milestones in this special angel’s life. 

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