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10 brilliant Touchnote cards and the places they live

We love seeing your cards! So we were really happy when these card senders showed us some pics of their cards proudly out on display.

We saw cards in more places than we ever could have imagined! Here are just 10 examples – thanks to all for letting us share these 🙂

1. In the Kindle

We always thought the coolest thing about Kindles was the gorgeous, monochrome standby image. However, Harriet Beecher Stowe pales in comparison to the gorgeous postcard kept in this Kindle case!

2. A gorgeous mantelpiece

Nothing says ‘pride of place’ like the mantelpiece. And we love how the postcard of the gorgeous little one stands out!

3. Behind beers

People often say they send postcards with photos to remind of good times. This one is certainly sitting in the right place!

4. Making a cool fridge cooler

This is a seriously stylish fridge, we can’t pretend not to be a bit jealous. We’re also jealous of the amazing Ewok fridge magnet – it’s almost as cute of the photos on the postcards!

5. Making the desk more beautiful

There are many things we love about this photo: The smiles, the bow tie, how it makes sitting at work a nicer experience… we also like seeing a Touchnote email sneak into the shot!

Credit: Kelly J/ One Quarter Mama

6. A happy collection for dad

A user sent us this lovely photo, saying he helps keep his elderly dad’s spirits up with a series of Touchnote postcards. We love that our postcards have made it into this collection 🙂

7. Around the door

Sometimes, the fridge and the mantelpiece just aren’t big enough. We reckon people are always pausing to look at all the gorgeous photos on display as they pass through…

8. Vertical art

A small space on the wall becomes a long line of happiness!

9. A cork board on the other side of the world

This lovely user sends her mum postcards, all the way to New Zealand. And when they arrive, they go on the cork board in the living room. This makes us happy (and no doubt the lucky mum, too.)

10. Improving artwork

How do you make a cool piece of artwork even more amazing? By adding some great postcards, of course!

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