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Meet 8 card senders who keep in TouchNote

You’ve probably noticed things look a little different around here! Not long ago now we gave our app a little makeover – and we jazzed up our cards too.

It was all inspired by you and the things that you told us. You said that TouchNote is all about being thoughtful and keeping in touch. So we rounded up a few cards, hot off the press from our new-look app, from folks who are doing just that.

Cool costumes

Liz snapped this photo of her costume-clad cuties to send to their grandparents.

‘I sent it to my Mum just to say hi, and thanks for having the boys for the holidays. I also sent it to my mother-in-law as she’s hardly seen the boys this year. I wanted her to get in touch and come visit her grandsons.

‘I love the convenience and that I can quickly make someone else’s day much, much brighter with a great photo.’

Catching rays

We were filled with envy when we saw Anna’s relaxing lakeside pic!

‘I’m currently traveling in Guatemala where there’s no postal service! I sent this to my boyfriend back in Colorado who couldn’t make it on this trip with me. I thought it’d be a cute surprise – a little old school love letter! And maybe I was being a bit cheeky about him not joining me 😉

‘I’ve recommended TouchNote to so many other travellers who are in the same boat as me. It’s awesome that we can upload our personal pics from our travels and stay connected’

Green thumbs

This gorgeous photo is of Elizabeth Dunn’s green-thumbed daughter, busy in the garden!

‘My in-laws in the north of Scotland rarely get to see their grandchildren, so I sent them this postcard. My mother-in-law was thrilled to see that her youngest granddaughter has taken such an interest in gardening!

‘I regularly use TouchNote to send postcards to all my family abroad, and as thank you notes for birthdays and Christmas. They are superbly printed and are always well received.

A dreamy destination

Whilst on holiday in Montenegro, Daniel captured this idyllic, peaceful vista.

‘My friend recommended I take this trip, right by the water near Kotor. I told her I’d go and send her a postcard. I don’t think she believed me because she was so surprised when she received it! She absolutely loved it. I think she was a bit jealous too, she said it looked a lot nicer than when she was there. I don’t manage to see her a lot as she’s moved away, so this was a nice way to keep up contact with her.

‘I also send my little nephews photos of themselves. They love seeing themselves on a postcard, and it’s a nice record to keep of the things they’ve been up to’

Fun in the sun

Or more accurately, the shade! Mollie’s little one looks very laid back in this adorable snap from the park.

My Grandparents are both in their nineties. Despite attempts to introduce them to to the internet, social media is alien to them. TouchNote has been fantastic for keeping them in the loop about my baby girl. After sharing photos with family and close friends online, I can send my favourites on a postcard to my Grandparents. They’ve said how much they love them and consider them to be ‘very clever.’

‘The postcards have always been delivered on time and printed at an excellent quality. They’re certainly a quick and easy means to send instant cards that generate immediate smiles.’

Birthday wishes

This sunny birthday card was sent to Kate’s childhood friend Ellie.

She LOVED the photos! We went on a ski trip together earlier this year, and when her birthday came around I remembered I had all the photos buried in my phone still. The Happy Birthday design matched her retro 80s vibe on the slopes!

‘I use TouchNote for almost all birthday cards to friends and family who are far away and I don’t see. I also send my gran postcards showing her what I’m up to – she doesn’t always hear so well over the phone!’

Big smiles

We couldn’t help but grin when we saw this photo of Anne and her daughter.

‘I sent this card to my dad.  He lives in another state and TouchNote is our way of keeping in touch, in between visits, and sharing pictures of his growing grand-daughter!  I haven’t been there when he receives the notes, but I like to think they bring a smile to his face.

‘I’ve also used TouchNote to send a quick thank you notes to friends and family.’

Little milestones

Look at Heather’s little fella sitting up all by himself!

‘This card was sent to my grandparents – they don’t have access to email or social media, so it’s a great way to keep in touch with them. I kept meaning to print out pictures and send them, but the app conveniently lets me send photos of their great grandson and his progress straight to them. In the busy life of a new mom, that’s awesome!

‘We’ve also sent a canvas to my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day and she absolutely loved it.’

Why not send your own postcard and keep in TouchNote? Head over to or send cards straight from your phone with our iPhone, iPad or Android app.

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