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4 ways to show your support right now

Having adapted to a strange new world over recent weeks, we’ve found a fresh appreciation for the institutions and services that made our lives tick before lockdown. The coffee shop, lunch spots, hairdressers or book shop where we could share food, discuss the news or just take a break from the four walls of our living rooms.

Seeing local bars with their blinds down on a Friday night, an empty main street on a Saturday afternoon, and key workers walking to the bus stop on a Monday morning has reminded us of what’s important, and how much we really miss.

In challenging times, it’s not always obvious how you can show your support.

So — to help you offer some words of encouragement to all the establishments and people you long to see again, we’ve created a selection of artwork with pre-written messages that you can send if you can’t quite get the right words on the page. And if you can, you can personalise it with your own message. The best part? It only takes a few taps.

We’ll eat again

Lockdown has put our social lives on hold. But for the hosts of forgotten festivities, it’s been a much tougher journey. For your favourite local restaurants that are wondering what the future holds, let them know you’ll be first through the door as soon as they reopen.

Key workers

Whether it’s the delivery driver keeping you entertained, teachers keeping the kids busy, bus drivers getting you to the supermarket, or health care workers putting their lives on the line, let them know how much you appreciate their efforts at such a challenging time…

First in line

The current climate has affected the entire high street. Whether it’s an independent book shop, hardware store, barbers or deli — they’re all feeling the effects. For any of your favourite shops that are yet to reopen, let the owners know you’ll be first in line when they flip the sign around.

I’ll be there

We’re still unsure of when we can meet our loved ones for a drink, let alone invite them round for dinner. So in the meantime, send a message letting them know they’re in your thoughts and when the time is right — you’ll be there.

TouchNote / June 2020
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