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‘Get Well Soon’ gift ideas

‘Get Well Soon’ gift ideas

Discover some great ‘get well soon’ gift ideas and wish your friend or loved one a speedy recovery while showing you’re there for them.

It can be sad when a loved one falls ill. Seeing them in pain might make you feel helpless, but there are lots of ways you can make them feel better. Remind them that soon they’ll be feeling well enough to get out and about with a ‘get well soon’ gift. A gift is bound to make them feel happy and loved, knowing that you’re still thinking about them. 

But what kind of gift do you get them? This guide will give you some great ideas for gifts that will help in their speedy recovery, based on their relationship with you. 

Why you might send a ‘get well soon’ gift

When you’re sick, you’re usually advised to stay at home. You might even need an extended stay in hospital. This can sometimes make you feel lonely and locked out from the rest of the world, but when you receive a gift or a card, you realize that even though you can’t see your friends as much as you’d like, they’re still thinking of you. 

When you do eventually recover, you’ll be comforted in the fact that you’ll be able to see them soon. In this way, sending a gift or a card can be incredibly important. It will mean a lot to your loved one and help them feel connected to the outside world – even when they’re forced to stay away. It’s such a lovely feeling to receive an unexpected gift, and will surely help them feel better and happier.

To a parent

Seeing a parent unwell is a very strange thing. We’re so used to them taking care of us and it can be the perfect gift to turn that around. A gift will make them feel incredibly loved, even if they don’t want you fussing over them. 

Get them a book to read while they’re stuck in bed or a bouquet of flowers to cheer up the room. A couple of luxury candles and some bath bombs will also go a long way toward helping them feel relaxed. To give them an extra bit of comfort, a fluffy jumper and a hot water bottle will go down a treat. 

Go all out with ‘get well soon’ gifts for your parents – they’ve done so much for you over the years. It’s time to return the favor. 

To a sibling

Your siblings have been in your life longer than most. They’re the ones who see you at your best and your worst. Seeing them unwell isn’t fun and while they’re stuck in bed you can’t annoy them as only a brother or sister can. So there’s an incentive to help them get better quickly. 

Send them a box of their favorite chocolates, or a selection of sweets, and if they’re old enough maybe a drink to have with them when they get better. It’s a great way to show that deep down, you really do care. They’ll start to feel so much better and will soon be back to their old, annoying, selves! 

To your partner

When your partner is ill, you’d do anything to make them feel better. You know that they’d pull out all the stops for you, so you should do the same for them. Send them something that will demonstrate how much you love them and show that you’ll always be there for them.

A care package filled with things you know will make them feel better is the best ‘get well soon’ gift you can give your partner. You can choose exactly what goes into it based on what they like, as only you know them inside out. 

Along with the medicine they need you could include a nice cozy blanket, some comfort food, and of course, a love letter to remind them that you’ll always be there to take care of them. 

To your child

The best way to help your child when they’re unwell is to spoil them rotten. Give them all the sweets and chocolates they ask for, and remain on-hand for every hot chocolate they want throughout the day. They’ll soon be beaming. 

They’ll love some Cookies ‘N Creme Hershey’s Kisses, which can be bought in our store, or a 30 Flavors Jelly Beans Canister. Both will satisfy their sweet tooth and give them a little boost throughout their illness. You could even make up a little care package for them that includes the little treats we’ve mentioned and some other goodies you know they’ll enjoy. 

To a friend

Sending your friends a gift when they are unwell is a great way to show you’re still thinking of them and can’t wait to be able to meet up again. They’re probably going crazy cooped up inside, so a gift will provide some welcome relief. 

Send them a funny personalized card to raise their spirits and write about that hilarious day you had before they became unwell. Remind them that you’ll have plenty more days like it in future and as soon as they’re feeling better you’ll be able to hang out and create more memories. 

To a colleague

They’re the only one who’s able to make your five-day work week manageable and when they’re in the office, the day seems to fly by. But as soon as they are too ill to come to work, the day seems to go on forever. 

You need to send them a gift that says both ‘get well soon’ and ‘please, please, please come back to the office. I can’t work without you here’. Send them a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates to let them know you’re still thinking of them. You might also want to include a personalized card detailing why the office is unbearable without them there. And make sure to keep them up to date on all the gossip. 

Whatever your relationship, sending a ‘get well soon’ gift and a personalized card shows your loved one you’ll be there waiting for them as soon as they’re better. From flowers to candy to thoughtful treats, whatever you send is sure to bring a smile to their face and speed up the healing process. 


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