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As lockdown lifts people will be reuniting around “everyday firsts”. To celebrate the start of all things new, we’ve collated 10 simple pleasures that we at TouchNote can’t wait to enjoy!

1. Hugs, hugs and more hugs

We’ve all been missing the comfort of a cuddle from someone you love. So make sure you treasure each squeeze and commit these moments to memory.

2. All out TLC

If we’ve ever deserved a bit of pampering, it’s right now. It’s time to prepare your nails, get ready for the steam room and let yourself unwind a little.

3. Dancing the night away

It might seem like it’s a thing of the past, but clubs are almost back…and so are the questionable dance moves. The next morning might not be as fun, but getting dressed up and partying with friends is a fair trade for a sore head.

4. The festival state of mind

Getting stuck in the middle of a muddy field, phone’s dead and you’ve lost your friends? Nothing can dampen the joy of singing and dancing along to your favourite bands again.

5. Travel!

Having looked at the same four walls for the last year, it’s never been more exciting to wake up at 3am for that first flight away. And after this past year, you absolutely deserve that trip to the Carribean (just don’t forget to send us a postcard).

6. Cheering on live sports

Missing live action of your favourite team scoring a goal? Or screaming OUT when a ball gets caught by a fielder? Grab your friends, get your tickets, and don’t forget to capture that first glorious moment!

7. Screaming along to your favourite songs

Music has kept a lot of us going this past year, so what better way to celebrate this newfound freedom than with the return of live gigs.

8. Going to weddings

With a backlog of weddings for the next few months…and years now it’s time to brace yourself, prepare your wardrobe, grab a hip flask, and celebrate the happy couples and don’t forget to congratulate them!

9. Back to nature

If you’re more passionate about tents than tequila, you’re probably itching to check out the best hiking spot around. Just don’t forget to pack your suncream and capture that beautiful view.

10. Hitting the shops again

If you’ve ever tried on a potential outfit all masked up, you’ll know the feeling that it doesn’t quite look or feel the same. But don’t worry! The end is in sight! So get your arms ready for carrying all those bags and your bank account ready for the treasures inside them!

At TouchNote we treasure the everyday firsts because they allow us to relive beautiful times in our lives. The moments become stories that we can cherish forever. The beautiful thing about these moments is that, not only are they beautiful to us, they are also beautiful to others.

With TouchNote you can share special memories in a special way. Make it extra special by uploading your favourite photos, add stickers and a personal message, and we’ll send it to anywhere in the world, for free!

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TouchNote / June 2021
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